We're really proud to finally present you the fourth major free update, and possibly the most game changing (no pun intended) yet, The Map Editor! The Map Editor update stands as one of our biggest updates yet and whole new level of customization to Northgard, allowing you to create and modify battlefields almost limitlessly, populating your maps with buildings, resources, decorations and AI factions of your choosing alongside full control over the visual design and layout of the map.

With this update also comes an external tool allowing even more customization, giving you the ability to change the values of units or buildings (such as attack/defense power, health, price etc..) and write scripts to setup maps with certain units/resources or entirely new victory conditions. And on top of all of that, the update also implements Steam Workshop support, meaning you guys can create, share, download and play (in both single and multiplayer) each others creations hassle free through Steam!


Here's some more information on what you can do in the editor:

  • Modify maps from classic Northgard map generations

  • Change the elevation and natural barriers between each zones

  • Add any buildings, decorations, creatures/AI of your choosing

  • Edit and customize the starting zones owned by the players

  • Add and edit the special tiles found throughout the map

  • Paint the map with dirt, grass, forest grass and cliff rocks, depending on the biome you created the map on


With the external tool, you can:

  • Change the values from units or building, such as attack/defense power, health, price etc...

  • Write scripts to setup a map with certain units/resources or add new victory conditions.


And that's not all, as with this update comes full Steam Workshop support, so once you're able to upload your modded maps on steam workshop, download community created ones and play them all with multiplayer support. Please be aware, that the Map Editor is currently in "Beta Phase" so you may experience some bugs/quirks or crashes during use, however we aim to identify and resolve any outstanding issues as quickly as possible, so please please inform us of any problems you experience via our forums or Discord!


We know that creating mods can represents some issues, for that we created a full documentation where you'll be able to find tutorials and some answers to your questions. Click on the link to access to this documentation!


In Addition to all of this, we have introduced a number of new tiles that will also be appearing in standard maps:


Allows you to assign a villager to become a runemaster and produce lore. They may also discover a new knowledge from opposing clans.


Provides a healing bonus to your healers and allows the use of the Cleanse ability.


Units inside this tile gain invisibility, making them undetectable from anyone outside of it.

Poisonous Swamp:

Exudes a poisonous gas which hurts and slows anything that dares pass through it.


Thick thorns prevent anyone but the most agile of warriors to pass though. They can be cleared by a scout, providing additional wood resources.


In addition to the new map editor tools, we have also made some small changes to the game based on user feedback and bug reports, details of which can be found below:

  • Steam users can now play multiplayer with GOG users (And vice versa)

  • New tiles introduced with the editor can be found in non user generated maps

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