Led by Torfin, an ancient leader who returned to help his progeny, it is known for its tremendous might and unrelenting devotion to its ancestors. While they may not be the fastest starters, once they've gained some momentum, they can crush anyone and anything in their way.


Starting Bonuses
  • Your Warchief is the powerful Torfin.

  • He can find Ancestral Equipment from Ancient Battlegrounds and equip them to become even stronger.

  • Your units are tougher, larger and eat 10% more than the other clans.

  • They have a +15% attack power  and defence  bonus.

  • Specialized civilian units have a +40% base production bonus, except loremasters.

  • Buildings can hold only one unit, and houses hold less people.

Fame Bonuses



An imposing and unpredictable figure, with unmatched strength and an arsenal of Ancestral Equipment that served only to enhance his already devastating array of attacks, Torfin was considered by those who had not had the misfortune of crossing his path in battle to be an embodiment of tall tales and hearsay.

Now, having led the Ox Clan to becoming one of the most feared and respected in all of Northgard, there are few who question his legitimacy as he lies dormant, awaiting the day that his people call upon him and his immense power once more.


Even in death, Torfin continues watching you upon his Throne from his stone statue. It shows everyone the past, the future and the glory of your Clan, represented by the Clan of the Ox’s most amazing and powerful Warchief in its history.

Torfin isn’t recruited like a usual Warchief. Like a god avatar, you can summon him from his own Throne. His cost is as huge as his might (15  and 250 ).


With centuries of battles behind him, Torfin is able to recall where he can obtain and equip the very same Ancestral Equipment that brought him and the Clan of the Ox so many battlefield victories in aeons past in order to considerably increase all of his abilities and heighten his already devastating array of attacks.

Ancient Battlegrounds

After being summoned, Torfin remembers ancient gigantic battles and where to find some useful equipment. Depending on your military experience, those ancient battlegrounds can appear everywhere in Northgard. Torfin can excavate buried Ancestral Equipment from there, and equip them.

Ancestral Equipment

There are 6 unique items of Ancestral Equipment dedicated to Torfin, who is able to wear only 1 equipment of each type, so you have to choose your equipment wisely before charging your enemies. You can change Torfin’s equipment at any time whilst in your territory if not battling.

Tyr's Ancestral Equipment
Heimdall's Ancestral Equipment


Ox Relic: Aegir

It is a terrific helm. It is said that Torfin stole it from the gods themselves with only his pure strength. Forging it back grants Torfin with the ability to “Ram” buildings. Target a building and Torfin will ram to it and destroy it in one headbut. A few buildings are immune to this attack : non-clan buildings, carved stone and Townhall.


City Builder

  • In improved zones, specialized units get a +15% production bonus and buildings don’t have an upkeep cost.

  • Can be stolen by the Snake Lore “Stolen Lore”.

Military Training

  • Idle military units in your territory gain Military Experience.

  •  50% of Training Camp upgrade cost.

Ferocious Charge

  •  Weapons are +50% faster to forge and cost -50% less.

  •  Warriors gain +100% damage after charging (10s cooldown).


  •  Torfin gains +5%  and  for each discovered Ancestral Equipment.

  •  Whenever a unit dies in the same zone as Torfin, his  regenerates by 10% of the dead unit's max health.


  •  Gaining military experience gives  and .


Conquest Ox Bonuses

By challenging the Ox Conquest, the Clan of the Ox gets specific Conquest-only bonuses:

11th Battle Bonus

Conquest Map & Special Townhall

Ox clan has its own conquest map. If you manage to win Conquest mode with the Clan of the Ox, you will unlock the special Ox Townhall.

Conquest Map

Conquest Townhall



Unstoppable Force

  • Win with the Clan of the Ox.

Ox Master

  • Achieve 50 victories with the Clan of the Ox.

Ox Conqueror

  • Finish a Conquest with the Clan of the Ox.

I need more RAM!

  • Build the Aegir relic.

Destruction Derby

  • Destroy 4 different buildings in a single game.

This isn't even my final form!

  • Find all 6 Ancestral Equipments in a single game.

Who needs houses?

  • Win a game without reaching max population

  •  "During the Kraken event, your clan is feasting." is unlocked at Fame 200 instead of Fame 500.

  •  Howl from the Sea Master: the chance to become a spectral warrior is now at 20% instead of 10%.

  •  No more cooldown for Warchiefs at the beginning of the game, except for Kaija.

  •  New Sheep Master achievement can now be achieved

  •  Stolen lore can steal all allowed lores, not only those from Clans that you own.

  •  Svalinn's relic protects now your clan from "High Tide" and "Spectral Warriors" Kraken abilities.

Bug Fixes
  • Svarn's requests for help during the Chapter 6 of the Story Mode now work as intended.

  •  You can now build only one Altar of Kings at a time as intended.

  •  Text chat no longer disappear when typing message with numpad.

  • Fixed display of resources obtained from imports.

  •  It is no longer possible to use infinite amount of workers on Hörgr.

  •  Clicking on Kraken’s spectral attack notification now redirects the camera to the attacked tile.

  • All giant's have an AoE attack that deal damage on every non-allied units.

  • “Near The Sea Spirit” correctly allows Trading Route when stolen by Snake.

  • In chapter 9 of the Campaign, Hrímgandr isn’t blocked anymore by watchtowers.

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