The Clan of the Kraken knows first hand how dangerous the sea can be. They worship the gigantic Creature, fearing it's brutal might, honoring it's instinctual knowledge, and using its powers when he deigns bestow them.


Starting Bonuses
  •  No commercial Victory. No port. No Lighthouse. Can build Fishery on lake tiles and beaches to assign fishermen.

  •  +50% colonising and  building cost on non coastal zone. -30%  on non coastal zone.

  •  Can build Hörgr to assign Norns. Only female vikings can become Norns. - Replaces Tavern.

  • Norns produce  and  Wyrd (new resource).

  •  may activate special abilities.

  • The Clan of the Kraken starts with 400 .

Fame Bonuses

When you gain more , the clan of the Kraken will get the following exclusive rewards:

  • Thane: Future Sight  -   200

    • You are warned of events long before they happen.

    • You gain 400 

  • Jarl: Howl from the Sea Master -   500

    • Whenever you kill military units on enemy or neutral zones, they have 10% chance to become Spectral Warriors under your control (max 5). Spectral warriors bring  to the zone controller.


The Norns

The Norns try to elucidate the will of the Kraken, bringing foresight and good fortune to the clan. They produce  and .

The Valkyries

Wielding divine power, the Valkyries are the most powerful members of the Kraken's army. Your clan can only control one at a time.


The Fishery is an exclusive  generating building for the Clan of the Kraken. This building can be built on shores and beaches. You can assign 2 Villagers to this building to transform them into Fishermen (3 Villagers if upgraded).


The Hörgr is the second exclusive building for the Clan of the Kraken. You can assign only female villagers to this building, transforming them into Norns. You can assign 2 of them to this building (3 if upgraded).


 is a Kraken Clan's exclusive resource. It can be spent to activate special abilities. The Clan of the Kraken starts the game with 400  and a passive production of +1 .

Shallow Waters - costs 100 

  •  Improves a coastal zone to accept one additional building.

  •  It can be cumulative with usual zone improvement.

High Tide - costs 300 

  • You can only cast HighTide on a non-coastal zone adjacent to non-coastal zones or zones affected by HighTide.

  • This cancels the Kraken's building and attack penalties.

  •  You can colonize this zone at the normal cost.

Road To Valhalla - costs 600 

  •  Consecrate one of your Norns.

  •  She becomes a Valkyrie and joins your army.

  • You can control only one Valkyrie at a time.

The Valkyrie is one of the exclusive units of the Clan of the Kraken:

Ancient Spirits - costs 1000 

  • Summons 5 hostile Spectral Warriors to target enemy's coastal zone.


    Near The Sea Spirit - replaces Trading

    • Generates +1  every 3 buildings on coastal zones.

    • Enables Trade Routes with Trading Posts.

      Endless Tide - replaces Weaponsmith

      • Reduces the cost of military units by 20%.

      • Each military camp gives +1 .

      • Gives +20%  to military units.

        Knowledge From Beyond - replaces Shipbuilding

        • Reveals all neutral factions.

        • Trade routes with neutral factions earn you 20% more .

        •  All Trade Routes give you +3 .

          Fresh Fish

          •  Fishermen produce 20% more .

          •  Their tool improvements are free and their forging time is reduced by 2.


          • Norns generate 20% more  and 50% more .

          KRAKEN'S RELIC

          Edda of Vor

          The Kraken clan has its own Relic, the Edda of Vör. Given by Vör, wise and curious, so that no one can hide anything from her:

          • This Relic allows your Norns to earn .

          • When the Relic is built, it gives 1 000 .


          Purify Ability
          • The Valkyrie’s weapon gives +10% .

          • After forging the Valkyrie’s weapon, they gain the Purify ability and can sacrifice themselves to instantly colonize a neutral zone or an enemy zone being uncolonized.

          • Cooldown: One year.

          NEW EVENT

          Attack of the Kraken
          • The Kraken itself roams around Northgard and punishes those who do not fear it. The Kraken attack lasts for 3 month, sinking boats and damaging ports. No one can survive the attack of the Kraken.

            • This event is not linked to the presence of the Clan of the Kraken.



          We've added various statistics to the end game screen (via a new View Statistic button). They will show:

          • Production

          •  Usage and changes over time for many resources

          • Population

          •  Military units

          • ... and more!


          Day of the Tentacle

          •  Win with the Clan of the Kraken.

          Kraken Master

          •  Achieve 50 Victories with the Clan of the Kraken.

          Victorious Squid

          •  Witness a boat sunk by the mighty Kraken.

          Fresh Sea Air

          •  Win a game without colonizing any non coastal zone.

          Pride of the Kraken

          •  Build the Edda of Vor.

          Balancing & Bug Fixes
          •  The Warrior bonus versus Shieldbearer decreased from 15% to 10%.

          •  The “Deer Hunter” achievement is fixed.

          •  [Bear] Hibernation: Doesn’t heal sick people anymore.

          •  The Giant Boar has a trigger warning when uncolonizing.

          •  The  production of the Sailors has been decreased by 20%.

          •  Now all maps will always have at least one neutral faction.

          •  The Fallen Sailor event now can appear in every game, not only in Ragnarök.

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