Northgard Conquest is a standalone game-mode that can be played solo or co-op, with a succession of various challenges offering a gaming expansion of +100 hours. The difficulty of the co-op mode will be based on strong collaboration between players. Forget the lore, choose your clan and let's fight!


Northgard Conquest offers you the possibility to choose your own experience when facing the harsh challenges of Northgard Conquest.

Take the Thrown on your Own

If you want to challenge yourself and personalise your Clan with unique bonuses whilst counting on your own skills and decisions, then choose the Northgard Conquest solo-mode, defeat the other clans and claim the Throne.

Believe in your strengths, establish the best strategy, exploit resources in an optimal way and build the most formidable clans to endure Northgard’s relentless hostility!

Unify Your Clans

Another addition is the ability to share your adventure and overcome the harsh obstacles with the power of collaboration in the new Northgard Conquest co-op mode.

Northgard Conquest encourages teams to experiment and discover every combo available in this game-mode! But beware, Northgard Conquest is a cunning opponent! Having two in a team means double power, double bonuses and of course, double the problems! But nothing is impossible for fearless vikings.

Plan a global strategy, divide the tasks, collaborate, and master the continent together!


Northgard Conquest introduces a brand new way to present and organize all the different challenges Northgard Conquest offers: The Conquest Map.

The Conquest Map is formed by several challenges, 3 of which are specific to each Clan (and adapted to their specialties) which remain constant. The other challenges are pulled from a random pool of challenges, which means that if you restart a Conquest with the same Clan, you will get a different map with different challenges! As soon as you succeed in one of the 3 specific challenges, several different paths are unlocked and the choice of which path you take is up to you.



Conquest challenges are completely independent between themselves and will challenge you with various specific victory conditions and rules for each challenges. Here’s some examples:

Too Many Wyverns

  • Victory Conditions:

    • Kill 3 Wyverns.

  • Special Rules:

    • Lots of Wyverns are spotted, it's time for a hunt!

    • Town Halls are already protected by updgraded Watch Towers.

Race to Yggdrasil

  • Victory Conditions:

    • Find the legendary World Tree Yggdrasil, and be the first to conquer it.

  • Special Rules:

    • Yggdrasil is larger and cost twice the price to colonize.

    • There is more Fishes, Fertile Lands and Deer in the map.

Kobolds Infestation

  • Victory Conditions:

    • Gain enough territories and raise your Fame  to obtain the title of King.

  • Special Rules:

    • Many Kobolds  camp everywhere. Kobolds  are more aggressive, respawn and expand quicker.

    • For each decolonized Kobolds  territory, earn 10 Fame  .


As you progress through your Conquest, you'll get to choose specific favors to power up your clan and help you win the next challenge (applicable only to the Conquest game mode).

You can obtain these synergizing favors at the start of a Conquest!

And if you succeed in beating the entire Conquest of a Clan, you'll get a marvelous Town Hall skin related to it! You'll be able to use these skins in all modes:

Clan of the Bear / Boar

Clan of the Goat / Stag

Clan of the Dragon / Raven

Clan of the Snake / Kraken

Clan of the Horse / Wolf


Special Units

Valdemar The Cursed

Valdemar was a Legendary King who died bringing battle to Helheim. He now wanders Northgard’s land to avoid death and reach Valhalla. He is usually surrounded by a group of Dark Vaettir who will not let you reach their King.

Dark Vaettir

Unholy Ice Spirits that should not live on this side of Bifrost.

Undead Wyvern

A Frightening Beast, unnaturally turned into something even more terrifying.

Special Resources


Valued resources coveted by overseas merchants.

Special Buildings

Gates of Niflheim

Ancient and mystic gates that bring Death from another time in Northgard every Winter…

Pillars of Glory

An ancient legacy for famous Kings. Assign Heralds to Pillars of Glory to earn Fame  for your Clan.

Special Events

Supply From Homeland

Boats  coming from Homeland will frequently bring you new Villagers to reinforce your Clan.

Mercenary Raid

A mercenary ship  could been spotted near your coasts. You must prepare!


Some of your units will be infected by a strange disease...

Frozen Attack

Death is coming...

Sons of Hymr

Some strange gates are glowing, prepare to fend off the invaders!

Special Maps

Northgard Conquest introduces new specific map configurations that you'll be able to explore during challenges, like The Inner Sea.

This brand new map configuration will host challenges that encourage you to establish the best strategy and exploit all the available resources to succeed and conquer.


In addition to the basic difficulty modes (Easy / Normal / Hard), Northgard Conquest has introduced most challenging difficulty yet: Extreme Mode. This difficulty will do everything in its power to stop you from reaching the Throne and will make Northgard an incredibly hostile continent, more so than it ever was. But if this difficulty isn't challenging enough for you... maybe we create an even more difficult one that will make Northgard a true nightmare for you!


Clans Achievements

Bear Conqueror

  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Bear.

Boar Conqueror

  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Boar.

Dragonic Conqueror

  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Dragon.

Goat Conqueror

  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Goat.

Horse Conqueror

  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Horse.

Kraken Conqueror

  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Kraken.

Raven Conqueror

  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Raven.

Snake Conqueror

  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Snake.

Stag Conqueror

  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Stag.

Wolf Conqueror

  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Wolf.

General Achievements


  • Complete at least 6 Conquests with different Clans.


  • Complete a Conquest by winning all challenges.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

  • Win each of the 30 different challenges at least once.

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