Balancing Patch 7 – July 2021

Today, we’re releasing a yet another MASSIVE balance patch that brings a plethora of changes to Northgard and each of the clans that inhabit these mysterious lands. With this update, we’ve made a number of changes and additions, heavily balancing the clans based on your wonderful feedback over the last few months and fixed a multitude of issues that have been reported in the time since our last major update!

The Clan of the Squirrel

Led by Andhrímnir, the Clan of the Squirrel knows better than most how to enjoy the present moment but not at the expense of being farsighted and expert at managing resources.

Balancing Patch 6 [MARCH 2021]

Today, we’re releasing a huge (possibly even our biggest yet) balance patch that will bring widespread changes to Northgard and all of the formidable clans that inhabit it! We’ve made a number of massive changes across the board, introducing new ways to approach the game and manage your people as you strive for conquest and you can see the whole list of what’s new below!

Northgard Expeditions

We are proud to announce and release our 5th major expansion for Northgard: Expeditions! This patch introduces a new way to enjoy Northgard content and free cosmetics you can craft with in-game rewards!

Balancing Patch 5 [DECEMBER 2020]

With the coldest of seasons beginning to descend upon Northgard, has Winter festival sprung to life once again! But the bitter cold winds, snow and perilous winters are not all that await us, as a number of huge changes to the plethora of clans vying for conquest have also arrived with Balance Update #5!

The Clan of the Lynx

Led by Mielikki, the Beastmaster, the Clan of the Lynx have an exceptional connection with nature. Proud Hunters, their excellent archery skills and unique luring technique are more than enough to ensure the ongoing prosperity of their people. The Clan adopted the graceful but threatening lynx’s Brundr & Kaelinn when they were just cubs, who now serve as the eyes of the clans esteemed leader and a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Balancing Patch 4 [JULY 2020]

Today, we’re releasing a comprehensive balance patch designed primarily around feedback and suggestions posed to us by the community since our last balancing patch back in March. We’ve made a number of major changes and even introduced some new mechanics with this update and you can see everything we’ve been working on below!

Map Editor – Multiplayer Script

The multiplayer in Northgard is based on a simple host/client architecture. The host machine, from which a game was created, is responsible for managing all gameplay related actions, like moving units, activating abilities, controlling AI and counting scores.

Map Editor – How To Mod

You can now create your own mods for Northgard. When you create a new mod, it is saved in local by default and you will be the only one who can test it. To make your mod available for everyone, you will need to upload it to Steam Workshop.

Northgard Map Editor

The Map Editor update stands as one of our biggest updates yet and whole new level of customization to Northgard, allowing you to create and modify battlefields almost limitlessly, populating your maps with buildings, resources, decorations and AI factions of your choosing alongside full control over the visual design and layout of the map.