•  Permafrost is the default biome during the winter festival.

  •  Villagers can build snowmen.

  •  Giant Trees have winter decoration.

  • Axe Throwers throw snowballs.

  •  Some Deer have red nose.

  •  Bears on Permafrost are white.


Lore Related Changes

A LOT of different Lores have been modified to make the game more enjoyable and intuitive to play:

  • Trading lore doesn’t exist anymore.

  • Shipbuilding now allows the Lighthouse.

  • Coinage now allows the trading routes.

  •  Mining Efficiency is now at Tier I in Wealth Tree, replacing Trading.

  •  New Mining Efficiency: +50% speed mining. No more additional ore.

  • Eradication becomes a generic Lore, no longer a Stag specific lore. It is a Tier II in Growth Tree, replacing Mining Efficiency.

  • New Eradication: Silo bonus +10%. -50% upgrade costs. No more happiness bonuses.

  • Recruitment is now triggered when sacrificing a Dragon unit or slaughtering a sheep or a giant boars.

  • Medecine : +50% healing speed (no more Healers can bring food when they do not heal).

  • Military Strategy get a max set at 25%.

This patch will introduce two new Lores that fill holes in some of the clans potential. These will grant us more flexibility when balancing the game or designing new clans:

  • Tier IV in Growth branch ⇒ Shiny Happy People: -20% required happiness based on your population

  • Tier IV in Wealth branch ⇒ Trading Caravan: Trading Route gets +20%. Affinity with neutral factions grows quicker

General Relic Related Changes
  • Mjolnir: does less damage during a shorter time.

  • Skull of Hrungnir: gets a 1 year cooldown and you can summon more than 1 zombie giant.

Miscellaneous Changes

Coming with the rework of the Lore tree, the following changes will help balance things up:

  • Healers can bring food when they do not heal. No need for Medicine lore anymore.

  • The Townhall provides +1 krowns.

  • Basic Mining speed has been slowed down.

  • Skirmishers are no more accessible to all clans. They are exclusive to the Snake clan.

  • New tool for Scouts: +15% scouting speed, run between territories.

  • Forge building cost is reduced: 60 wood, 15 krowns, 30 sec build time.

  • Spectral warriors and Myrkalfars can be found in any Biome, not only Ragnarok.

  • New Altar of Kings: +3 Food / Wood / Krowns / Lore, +1 happiness, 50 fame.

  • Supply lines penalty decreasing with time -5% per year.

  • There can be more than one Bear in a zone, depending on difficulty and Townhall distance.

  • We added a cooldown for the first recruitment of the Warchiefs (This includes Kaija, but not Signy).

  • Projectile Resistance is now an ability.

  • When playing in multiplayer with or against AIs, it is now possible to have an infinite pause.

  • You can keep exploring a Ruin or Shipwreck an ally started to explore without starting over.

Neutral Faction Changes

A few things have changed regarding the Neutral Factions behavior to give them a fair impact on the game:

  • Trading with neutral factions improves trading over time.

  • Trading with them prevent them from attacking you (works with Kobolds and Myrkalfar).

  • If you have a positive relationship with a neutral faction, they won’t attack your territories.

  • Blain gets the thunder attack, like the Raven's Giant Mercenaries.


The Clan of the Kraken

  • Fresh Fish replaces Hearthstone.

  • Foresight replaces Recruitment.

  • Near the sea Spirit:

    • +1 Krown and +1 Wyrd for 4 building on coastal zone.

    • Now replaces Shipbuilding.

  • Knowledge from Beyond now allows the trading routes.

  • Fame 500 - Howl from the Sea Master:

    • During the Kraken event, your clan is feasting.

The Clan of the Horse

  • Quality of Life replaces Negotiate.

  • Warcry cooldown is now shared between both warchiefs.

  • Metalcraft:

    • Now replaces Mining efficiency.

    • Warchiefs mining and forge speed is increased by +60%.

  • Excavation:

    • Every Warchief Mining stone or iron produces +4 Lore.

The Clan of the Dragon

  • Draconic Frenzy:

    • +100% att if a military unit fights with no other allied military unit in the zone.

  • Dragonkin:

    • 20% projectile resistance is now displayed.

    • Attack power 12 => 13.

    • Move speed +10%.

  • Blood, Sweat & Tears replaces Medicine.

  • Capture:

    • Chance to capture is doubled if warchief is in zone.

  • Skull of Hrungnir:

    • You can now summon more than one Undead Giant.

    • We added a 1 year cooldown after each Undead Giant recruitment.

  • Slave Trade replaces Erudition.

The Clan of the Snake

  • Skirmishers are now exclusive to Snake clan.

  • New Signy:

    • She has new stats and she grows quicker.

    • Age 16: Signy gain ranged attack.

    • Age 17: Signy can go through neutral foes zones like skirmishers.

    • Age 18: Signy gain Scorched Earth.

  • Scorched Earth:

    • Like mercenaries, Signy pillage resources in enemy territory depending of the zone production.

  • Under Pressure:

    • +20% att and supply penalty reduced for Skirmishers. +10% to other military unit attack.

    • +0.5 happiness and +1 Food for each military unit in a non allied zone next to or in an enemy territory.

  • Guerilla Tactics:

    • Military units gain +1% Attack Power per unit lost or killed in an enemy territory (max 30%).

  • New Black Market:

    • +10% merchant production & allows Trading Route.

    • +50% income from Trading routes with enemy clan.

    • This clan gains no resources from you and diplomacy is decreased.

  • Rapacious Exploitation:

    • Now replaces Negotiate.

    • Bonus of special tiles (such as Thor’s Wrath or the Geyser) is doubled.

    • Rapacious Exploitation no longer allows scouting neutral ruins.

  • Gungir - The Clan of the Snake's Relic:

    • Unlock the Stealth Ability to all military units.

    • Stealthy units won’t get attacked by Watch Tower for 5 seconds when entering a tile.

The Clan of the Bear

  • Shield Maiden and Kaija get projectile resistance like Shieldbearers.

  • Kaija costs 40 Food and 40 krowns.

  • Hibernation:

    • Units regenerate during winter in allied territory.

  • Winter Festival:

    • 50% penalty Winter Production.

    • +3 Happiness in Winter.

    • +50% on Trading Routes in Winter.

The Clan of the Boar

  • Legacy:

    • Now replaces Hearthstone.

    •  Altar of Kings production and happiness +50%.

  • Herbalism:

    • Active menders gives +5% production and +10% Lore production in Mender's hut Zone.

    • +20% Healing speed.

  • Simple Living replaces Sharp Axes.

  • Lay of The Land replaces Mining Efficiency.

  • New Bartering:

    •  Allows Trading Routes.

    • You can trade every resource to neutral factions.

    • Trade routes with neutral factions +1 happiness per trading route.

  • Osmosis replaces Negotiate.

  • Mask of Gullinbursti - the Clan of the Boar's Relic:

    • +5 Food production. Summon a non controllable giant boar from all forests.

    • Boars into allied territory are pacified.

    • You can sacrifice boar from your territory for food (500).

    • It regenerates its health quickly.

The Clan of the Raven

  • New Negotiator:

    •  +2 krown.

    • +20% commercial influence.

  • Exotic Goods replaces Erudition.

  • New weapon in the Forge for Raven Mercenaries: they get 20% projectile resistance.

  • Mercenaries Raid:

    • Longer time before appearing in enemy territory.

The Clan of the Stag

  • Starting Bonus: Starts with 40 lore.

  • Fame 200: Also gives 75 lore.

  • Fame 500: All productions gets +1% per 100 Fame.

  • Lore Hero Emblem:

    • Altar of kings cost no Stone.

    • Gives +2 Happiness and earns Fame.

    • Hero Emblem replaces Recruitment.

  • Food Preservation:

    • +3 food for each Silo (+5 if upgraded.

    • +1 Happiness per Silo.

    • Now replaces Hearthstone.

  • Glory of the Clan:

    • +20% Fame on Fame gains.

    • +20% on Trading Route and Great Trading Route.

  • The Value of Great Deeds:

    • Skalds produce 1 krown (+1.5 if upgraded).

    • Skalds tools are free and -50% forge time.

    • Now replaces Mining Efficiency.

The Clan of the Goat

  • Starting Bonus: Can build only one SheepFold.

  • Shepherd:

    •  2 free sheep.

    • Can build a second Sheepfold.

    • +10% sheepfold production.

  • Industrious replaces Recruitment.

  • Amenities replaces Eradication.

The Clan of the Wolf

  • Conqueror:

    • +75% attack power versus Tower.

    • +75% decolonization speed.

  • Spoils of War: Villager, Warrior, Skirmisher, Draugr, Warchief give 5 krowns less.

  • Horn of Managarm: It is possible to summon a white wolf individually.

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