The Clan of the Snake, gathers some of the most roguish vikings to set foot on the continent of Northgard. Led by Signy, the Spear Maiden, the cunning members of the clan have little regard for fame or honour and would rather use guerilla tactics to dominate their enemies than open warfare.


Unlike other clans, the Snake’s progression isn’t reflected by the Fame they’ve reached. Cunning and deceitful, the Snake has little regard for fame or honour. Members of the clan prefer working in the shadows and using guerilla tactics rather than open warfare. Its pride depends mainly on its warchief, Signy, who is already available at the beginning of each game.

During the game, Signy will grow up and gain new abilities:

  • Age 15:

    • The Cunning (start of the game).

  • Age 16:

    • Pride of the Clan. Signy is now more powerfull, she gains 20% move speed and the ability to attack at range.

  • Age 18:

    • Tears of the Earth. Again, Signy’s power is increased, she gains the ability to walk freely among Northgard’s wildlife (like Skirmishers) and she can use her special ability: Scorched Earth.


If she falls on the battlefield, Signy will be available for rehiring in the Skirmishers Camp for 150 Krowns (no Iron needed). In terms of battle statistics, Signy starts with a light advantage in comparison with a basic warrior. She will get stronger and stronger with every passing year.

Her Scorched Earth ability will prove itself to be very useful. Signy charges to the center of a tile (any tile except for TownHalls and Victory Tiles) and prepares herself to scorch everything around her. After 5 seconds, Scorched Earth is launched:

  • Available every 3 months.

  • Effect lasts 3 months.

  • If the effect is cancelled during Signy’s preparation time, there is a 1 month cooldown.

  • Signy cannot be interrupted by anything other than the player(and her death of course).

Scorched tiles have the following effects:

  • +50 attack power the Snake’s units & buildings.

    • -50% for any production in this tile.



Black Market - Replaces Coinage
  • Merchants produce +10% Krowns.

  • Gain 75% more Krowns when trading with enemy clans, degrading diplomatic relations.

  • You can trade even when at war.

  • Enemy clans get no ressources from Black Market trading.

Rapacious Exploitation
  • Bonus of special tiles (Geysers, Thor’s Wrath) is doubled.

  • Ruins and Shipwreck in your territory grant +2 happiness.

Under Pressure - replaces Weaponsmith
  • +20% attack power for Skirmishers.

  • +2 happiness and +2 food for each enemy pressured by the Snake.

  • An enemy clan is pressured if one of the Snake’s military units is on an tile adjacent to or inside his territory.

Guerilla - replaces Military Strategy
  • Military units gain +2% attack power per enemy civilian killed (max 40%).

Stolen Lore
  •  Steal a Lore from another clan’s tree.

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