For some of them it happened as dream, for others as vision. For all it was a gift. And since that day, guided by the Gods, the sledgehammers resonate day and night through Northgard…

The creation of Relics has been rediscovered!


The Forge

The Forge has gained a lot of importance in Northgard. The building requires a Woodcutter’s Lodge to be created and costs 80  and 20 . The building can be upgraded with 100 , 50  and 5 .

You can assign 2 smiths to a non-upgraded Forge and 3 to an upgraded Forge. Add Smiths to craft items quicker. You can build more than one Forge, but you won’t be able to use both buildings to craft the same item.

The Tools

In the Forge, you now have the possibility of 3 different actions:

  • Upgrade civilian tools

  • Upgrade military tools

  • Forge a Relic

You can queue multiple items in the Forge. When the first item is finished, the Smiths will start forging the next one. If there isn’t any adversity in the Forge’s tile, you can cancel the creation of an item, and you’ll be refunded its original cost. You’ll have the possibility to improve the Smith’s tools, granting them a 15% increase in Forge speed!


Common Relics

Eldhrumnir Eldhrumnir Forging Eldhrumnir will allow you to have much efficient feasts!
Your units will regenerate during those improved feasts!
Mjöllnir Mjöllnir Summons a Thunderstorm on a zone, damaging all Units
and Buildings during one month.
Svalinn Svalinn Grants a +50% defense for units in its zone.
Can be moved in another zone on your territory. Protect the zone
against some negative effects that target it.
Jörmunr Jörmunr You have a Lore bonus depending on number of zone in territory.
You can colonize zones with Lore.
Bragaful Bragaful Grants a Kröwns bonus depending of your Commercial Influence.
Your Lighthouse has a fourth great trade route
(-60 Kröwns, +20 Commercial Influence, +9 Happiness).

Clan Related Relics

Horn of Managarm Horn of Managarm Summons up to 3 White Wolves under your control. Hlidskjalf Hlidskjalf Your Warchief gains the Annexation ability.
Whenever your Warchief decolonizes a zone, you colonize it for free.
Naglfar Naglfar Sends a Raid a on coastal tile with 2 Giant Crows Scabbard of Gram Scabbard of Gram Your Warchief wields the sword Gram.
Enemies hit by Gram are frozen, along with the area around them.
Mask of Gullinbursti Mask of Gullinbursti Reveals all Forests. Summons a non controllable Giant Boar in all Forests.
Boars in allied territory are pacified.
You can sacrifice Boars in your territory for Food.
Gungnir Gungnir Unlocks another Military Path once you have unlocked one. Skull of Hrungnir Skull of Hrungnir Summons an Undead Giant. Dainsleif & Tyrfing Dainsleif & Tyrfing Your Warchiefs gain +20% attack, +20% defense, +20% HP,
+20% mining and forging speed.
Edda of Vor Edda of Vör Allows your Norns to earn Fame
and gives you 1 000 Wyrd when the Relic is built.
Gefjun's Jar Aegir Forging it grants Torfin with the ability to “Ram” buildings.
Target a building and Torfin will ram to it and destroy it in one headbut.
Required Happiness for your population is reduced.
Aegir Edda of Vör Allows your Norns to earn Fame
and gives you 1 000 Wyrd when the Relic is built.


    General Changes

    • It is no longer possible to launch a construction in a conflicted / decolonizing tile.

    •  Small  deposits now frequently spawn in Town Hall surrounding areas.

    •  We reduced the income generated by trading .

    •  When destroying a building, the amount of resources reimbursed now depends on the difficulty you are playing on: easy => 30% (60% if upgraded) // normal => 20% (50% if upgraded) // hard => 10% (40% if upgraded).

    Clans Modifications

    •  The Goat’s feasts have been improved.

    •  The Goat’s Fame 200: the tools for Farmers, Hunters and Fishermen are free and can be crafted 50% faster.

    •  The Dragon men AoE attack now deals 100% damage only to the targeted enemy, and 70% on nearby enemies.

    Special Tiles

    • In the Magma Lake victory tile, forging Odin’s Sword no longer requires building a forge. The tile has an “Anvil of the Gods” where you’ll be able to assign Smiths. You have to build the 3 parts of Odin’s Swords to win as usual.

    • The Wyvern stats have been increased:

      • 50 Attack power

      • 25 Defense

    •  The Vedrfolnir has been buffed:

      • 25% Quicker to heal

      • 25% Quicker to scout

      • Now scouts tiles

    • The Geyser has been buffed (it now gives +2 )

    • Thor's Wrath has been buffed (+10% att power)

    • The Specter Warrior's defense has been reduced to 10

    • The Raven's Harbor now costs only 70 

    • Depending on the difficulty the player is playing on, the number of Valkyries has been increased (on hard difficulty, each Valkyrie tile has been given +1 Valkyrie)



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