We are proud to announce and release our 5th major expansion for Northgard: Expeditions! This patch introduces a new way to enjoy Northgard content and free cosmetics you can craft with in-game rewards! (And only ever via in game rewards, you will never have to pay money for these cosmetics)


Expeditions are small quests structured in a few hidden steps. Each step asks you to accomplish in-game objectives such as Colonizing a specific tile, Producing resources or Reaching a certain amount of Happiness. Completing a step reveals the next one. Your actions are taken into account for every visible steps, so you can complete multiple objectives at once.

There are two types of expeditions:

Recurring Expeditions

Daily Trip

It is an expedition you can complete every 24 hours that reward your first games of the day!

Week-Long Journey

This expedition is given out each week, that selects its objectives within a difficulty-based pool. The first step will always be Easy, the second one is a Normal type, the third id Hard to complete and the last is Extreme. Of course, they offer rewards accordingly.

Master Expeditions

These expeditions reward you for completing Northgard content. They can only be achieved once.

  • Rig’s Saga expeditions focuses on the main story,

  • Conquest expeditions help you follow your progress in the game mode,

  • Achievements expeditions cover Steam achievements. As there are now included in-game, you can easily track them and get rewarded each time you unlock one. (available in a few days)


Expeditions Rewards

You bring back treasure chests from your expeditions. With each objective completed, you can open a chest revealing silver. The chest generosity depends on the objective difficulty. Conquer with peril and triumph with glory!


You can use your silver to craft cosmetics in the Treasures menu. You will find new Warchief skins and Townhall skins, offering you alternative in-game appearance for your Warchiefs and Townhalls. We also introduce a new type of cosmetic, the Decorations, to embellish your Townhall zone.

Each skin has its own Rarity, from Common to Legendary.


You can craft up to 57 different cosmetics:

  • 12 Warchief skins, split in two collections: Brutal & Ceremonial.

  • 20 Townhall skins.

  • 25 Placeables featuring banquetsfireplacesgates and totems.

Completing all expeditions assure you to grasp the entire collection!


Your previous inventory remains untouched. Players who already own warchiefs skins from Rig’s Saga and townhalls skins from Conquest will keep them.

Rig’s Saga warchief skins and Conquest townhall skins are now part of the Treasure menu. They still require to complete Rig’s Saga on Extreme difficulty and to finish clan Conquests to unlock. Their initial requirements remain unchanged.


Equip skins and placeables directly from the Treasures menu. Initial options to equip skins have been deactivated.


With this update, we also bring you another BIG surprise: The official Northgard Artbook!

With the french publishing house Omaké Books, we have created the first and only official Northgard Artbook: The Art of Northgard.

Within these pages, we'll be sharing an in-depth look at the development journey of Northgard. From the conceptualisation, research, and trial and error that led to our initial 2D prototype, all the way to the final release that our players have sunk mil-lions of hours into.

And as you guys come to everywhere in the world, we decided to make The Art of Northgard a bilingual Artbook. It then includes french and english in the same book!

Collector's Edition

You can now pre-order the Collector's Edition of The Art of Northgard artbook, which includes:

  • The Art of Northgard 178 page artbook

  • An exclusive A3 poster

  • A cardboard display stand with its 3 collector lithographs of the Clan of the Wolf, Boar and Stag

  • An exclusive Townhall to use in-game - only for the PC version

  • A numbered certificate of authenticity - limited to 1000 copies

The Collector's Edition is now available on pre-orders only for a delivery within the end of March.

Pre-order The Art of Northgard Collector's Edition here!

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of The Art of Northgard artbook will be available within the month of June. You'll be able to get your copy on the biggest distribution's websites as Amazon (and FNAC and Cultura for France) and independant libraries (only in France).

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