Led by Andhrímnir, the Clan of the Squirrel knows better than most how to enjoy the present moment but not at the expense of being farsighted and expert at managing resources.

Their talented cooks are able to produce delicious meals that improve the abilities of the clan and their allies. For all that, their warriors and prowess on the battlefield should not be underestimated!

Furthermore, with Ratatoskr as their totem animal, the clan is also adept at using manipulation and sowing discord in order to further their goals!


Named in after the Æsir’s cook, Andhrímnir displayed unprecedented skills in the culinary arts from a young age, despite fierce competition within the clan. As fearless and authoritarian in the kitchen as he is on the battlefield, Andhrímnir has everything one would expect from... a “warchef”!

  • The clan hoards greedily in anticipation of winter 2 months before it begins and can count on a +30% increase in production during this period. However, they have a harder time during winter itself as they consume more Food and Wood (+15%).
  • The Squirrel clan gathers ingredients in its territory, depending on the zones’ types.
  • The Stove replaces the Brewery, where Cooks can prepare meals, providing massive bonuses.
  • The clan can achieve the unique Ratatoskr Victory: reach 1500 Fame

A Helping Hand - Fame 200

  • You receive a set of random ingredients by boat and you increase your ingredient storage by  200.
  • You can prepare Meals for your allies, for an additional Food cost.
  • You unlock Gift Routes at the Trading Post.

Gift Routes allow you to share your resources with other clans. It is the best way to build good relationships with potential allies. It also works very well with Northgard neutral factions (3 times better than normal trade routes).

Plot for the Throne

  • You gain Fame based on your extra population compared to your most populous opponent.
  • Arrival of new villagers increases by 5% every 100 Fame

    With this, you will have all the tools you need to achieve your unique Ratatoskr Victory by outclassing any enemy that will dare to face you.


    As your clan pushes its borders, it has access to more Ingredients for each new zone it exploits that can be used for creating great Meals :

    • Meals:
      • Meat is a good source of protein and iron, harvested from big mammals such as deer and wild boars.
    • Fish:
      • Fish is a source of protein and phoshorus harvested from both freshwater and saltwater specimens.
    • Mushrooms:
      • Mushrooms refer to any type of fungus that was found to be edible through painful-to-lethal trial and error.
    • Vegetables:
      • "Vegetable" is an umbrella word which covers pretty much every edible vegetal organism, including roots.

    Cooks can be assigned to any Stove. They bring Happiness  to your clan, and more importantly, help produce Ingredients. If that is not enough, Andhrímnir can also help produce Ingredients by being assigned to the Stove.

    Gather as many Ingredients as possible to ensure you’re always ready to prepare powerful meals.

    The Squirrel clan knows how to cook 6 recipes that will help you conquer Northgard:

    • Food  , Wood  , Lore  , Krowns  production bonus

    • Forge speed bonus
    • Mining speed bonus

    • Winter resistance bonus
    • Scouting speed bonus

    • Healthregeneration
    • Scouting speed bonus

    • Defense  unit bonus
    • Projectil resistance bonus

    • Attack power  bonus
    • Military XP bonus

    Each Meal must be prepared with enough common Food  , as an additional cost. This Food  cost increases sensibly if you wish to include your teammates to your table!

    Each clan can benefit from one meal per Squirrel clan. New meals replace the previous one. But having many Squirrel friends means taking advantage of many meals at the same time!


    Ratatoskr is famous for scurrying from Yggdrasil's branches to its roots, instilling doubt and discord in the mind of its enemies. The Squirrel clan perpetuates this legacy to keep itself out of harm’s way.

    The zone where Yggdrasil's Root is built becomes “Eldritch." After every period of one year, one zone in your territory adjacent to an eldritch zone also becomes Eldritch.

    • Units in Eldritch zones benefit from periodical production bonuses.
    • Enemy units in an Eldritch zone have a chance to fight against their own kin for 5s.

    If an Eldritch zone becomes neutral, it reverts back to normal.

     - Replaces Colonization -

    • +1 Food / Wood production bonus for each 100 Food / Wood in stock (max +10). Not affected by winter malus.
    • Your Silos do not require building slots.

          - Replaces Hearthstone -

        • Meal bonus level: +1
        • Meal Food cost: -20%

          - Replaces Weaponsmith -

          • Your next warchief recruitment is free. (no Krowns  , no Iron )
          • Reviving warchief cooldown: -50%.

            - Replaces Mining Efficiency -

            • Every Krowns incomes gets +10%.
            • Meals gain additional effects : +2 Happiness +4 Krowns .

              - Replaces Negotiate -

              • No other clan can befriend any neutral faction which has become your ally. This faction gains +20% defense against all your enemies.
              • It also becomes more aggressive towards them (this also affects Jötnar).
              • Your units gain “Cloak” within these factions' territories.

                1st Battle

                • Ingredients production +20%
                • You can benefit from multiple meals at the same time.

                6th Battle

                • Stoves can hold one more Cook.

                    11th Battle

                    • +1 level for Meals



                          NEUTRAL ACHIEVEMENTS

                          Aggressive Negotiations

                          • Win with the Clan of the Squirrel

                              Squirrel Master

                              • Achieve 50 Victories with the Clan of the Squirrel

                                  The Root of our Clan

                                  • Build the Relic of the Clan of the Squirrel

                                      Squirrel Conqueror

                                      • Finish a Conquest with the Clan of the Squirrel
                                          SPECIFIC ACHIEVEMENTS

                                          Just a little help for my friends

                                          • Win a game having shared all your meals with all teammates.

                                              Unlimited Flower

                                              • Control a territory of at least 10 Eldritch zones.

                                                  I’m a Generous God

                                                  • Gift 1,000 resources in one game

                                                      NEW SKINS

                                                      4 news skins are available in the treasure window:

                                                      Eitria Ceremonial

                                                      Brok Ceremonial

                                                      Liv Ceremonial

                                                      Torfin Brutal

                                                      GENERAL CHANGES

                                                      • Cooldown time for each ability is now displayed

                                                      • Jörmunr relic no longer displays your teammate’s lore

                                                      • Military XP is no longer displayed when hovering enemy military icon

                                                      • “Losing control” is replaced by “taking control” when you are taking an enemy tile

                                                      • Units are automatically selected when you recruit a warchief (Instead of warrior camp)

                                                      • You can no longer build an altar, then give it to your ally and build another

                                                      • Boar colonization cost for tiles containing foes now depends on the number and type of foes on the tile.

                                                      • Conquest battle “befriend jötnar” can no longer be played with the clan of the snake (Black market tech prevents this battle from beign feasible)

                                                      • Oskoreïa can now be used even if Mielikki is fighting

                                                      • Relations with neutral factions now scale with the amount of resources you trade with them.

                                                      • Befriended neutral factions now give 50 Fame even if they were befriended by another player.

                                                      BUG FIXES

                                                      • Fixed several text issues with chinese localisation

                                                      • Fixed several display issues

                                                      • Double shot from the Clan of the Lynx can no longer target sheep

                                                      • Fixed year counter in conquest. Some of them were broken in several battles

                                                      • It’s now possible to build a mythical lure on a thor wrath

                                                      • End-game stats will no longer be displayed in story mode

                                                      • Bartering in story mode is fixed.

                                                      • VFX from the relic of the clan of the horse is fixed. It gets removed with warchief death.

                                                      • Trades routes without merchants no longer produce happiness and lore

                                                      • Fixed several issues with the giant Boar from the relic of the clan of the Boar

                                                      • You could no longer use your relic if you built one and took the same relic you built from an enemy.

                                                      • Conquest Myrkalfar’s Uprising: you were sometimes not spawning in Ragnarök biome

                                                      • In Inner sea conquest battle AI units were sometimes able to walk through the inner sea
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