Led by Mielikki, the Beastmaster, the Clan of the Lynx have an exceptional connection with nature. Proud Hunters, their excellent archery skills and unique luring technique are more than enough to ensure the ongoing prosperity of their people. 

The Clan adopted the graceful but threatening lynx’s Brundr & Kaelinn when they were just cubs, who now serve as the eyes of the clans esteemed leader and a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

  • Earn Hunting Trophies on animal kills.

  • You can summon Brundr and Kaelinn to your Training Camp. Mielikki the Beastmaster is weaker than other warchiefs but does not cost iron.

  • The Archery Range replaces the Axe Thrower Camp. The Trackers they train are ranged units shooting a wide variety of arrows.

  • The Path of the Hunter replaces Military Paths. Spend Hunting Trophies to unlock powerful abilities for Brundr, Kaelinn and the Trackers.


Lure (200)

  • Unlock Mythical Lure for Mielikki. She can place a lure in a non enemy controlled zone, which will periodically attract Mythical animals. They come in higher numbers as time passes.

Oskoreia (500)

  • Unlock the Oskoreia ability for Mielikki. She can recall the last and strongest Mythical animals the clan killed. In their spirit form, they come back for a last rampage on earth.


A fierce huntress in her youth, this proud and capable leader now rules the wildlife of Northgard and sees only through her faithful lynx companions eyes.

While her advanced age may limit her effectiveness on the battlefield, she more than makes up for this with her unrivalled command over the wildlife that inhabits these lands who will fight for her and her people without hesitation.


The faithful companions of Mielikke and loyal servants to the Clan of the Lynx.

Brundr is the youngest and more playful brother, and while he may look like an innocent cat, you should never underestimate his fearsome swipes and prowess in combat.

The experienced elder of the two Lynx, Kaelinn has seen a lot and seeks to protect his younger brother and the people of the clan from the dangers that the land of Northgard presents. 


Place a Trap in a non-enemy zone. Activate on demand to reveal spikes that damage and slow down the enemy as long as he stays within. Last 30 seconds.



    The next Feast’s cost is reduced by 5% (up to 50%) per animal you clan killed. +2 Happiness during a Feast . Also give one free Silo upgrade.


        Defense Towers are equipped with the Tracker’s arrows you have selected in the Archery Range.

            NIMBLE PAWS

            Lynxes frequently leap and dodge every attack while airbone. Gives Brundr and Kaelinn +35% max life.

                THE WILD HUNT

                Mielikki can place one additional lure at a time. Oskoreia spirits gain +20% Attack Power .


                    Unlocks Trading Routes at the Trading Post. Allows you to sell Hunting trophies in the Marketplace (2:1 ratio). Merchants produce +15% more Kröwns .


                        When taking on the Lynx Conquest, the Clan of the Lynx gets specific Conquest-only bonuses:

                            LYNX EXCLUSIVE TOWNHALL


                                THE CATS OUT OF THE BAG

                                Win with the Clan of the Lynx [not in Story Mode].

                                    LYNX MASTER

                                    Achieve 50 Victories with the Clan of the Lynx [not in Story Mode].

                                        I SEE YOU!

                                        Reveal an enemy Townhall with Brundr or Kaelinn [not in Story Mode].

                                            THE POACHER GAME

                                            Trade 500 Hunting Trophies in one game [not in Story Mode].

                                                THE LAST RESORT

                                                Release Oskoreia at the highest level of threat.

                                                    IT'S A TRAP!

                                                    Build the Relic of the Clan of the Lynx.

                                                        LYNX CONQUEROR

                                                        Finish a Conquest with the clan of the Lynx.

                                                            GENERAL CHANGES

                                                            • [NEW] Korean language is now available on Northgard.

                                                            • [NEW]  Server zone for Asia.

                                                            • [NEW] Northgard is now compatible with Asus Aura keyboard. Aura provides a nearly endless spectrum of colors, patterns and the ability to link lighting to Northgard in-game activity.

                                                            • [NEW] New music ‘Angst Of The Unlighted’ has been added to the game.

                                                            • [NEW] Sound design for Militia.

                                                              USER INTERFACE
                                                              • [REWORKED] Cooldown icon has been added above Ancient Graveyard.

                                                              • [NEW]  Option menu has been improved.

                                                              • [BUGFIX] In “Create new game’ menu, “Advanced options” has been corrected. These options were reseted after each new game. 

                                                              • [BUGFIX] Clicking on a unit’s skill no longer removes the health bar.

                                                              • Lifebar
                                                                • Lifebar UI has been improved. Getting an affect with a lifebar icon (ex: BloodBath) forces the display of the lifebar for the duration of the affect.

                                                              • [BUGFIX] Lifebar icons no longer appear above the blizzard effect.

                                                                GAMEPLAY CHANGES

                                                                MIMIRSBRUNN REWORK

                                                                • Mimirsbrunn is no longer a "consumable": if a player has already recovered his tech, another player can now take the tile back and seek his own tech.

                                                                • A player must own Mimirsbrunn if he wants to benefit from the tech he has chosen. If he loses Mimirsbrunn, he must take it back to benefit from the effect.

                                                                • Each player can choose their own tech, the tech is not related to Mimirsbrunn.

                                                                • Mimirsbrunn button in the lore tree has been moved.

                                                                  • Jormunr Relic

                                                                    • [NEW]  5 colonized zones gives +1 ⇒ +2 lore production.

                                                                    • [REWORK] Ranged units no longer try to find a place at max range of their targets (especially Watch Towers) if they are already placed and in range. In general, groups of ranged units should try to place themselves a bit smarter around the field.

                                                                    • [REWORK] Attack speed and animation-based damage calculations have been cleaned up and rewritten to standardize the results for all cases.

                                                                     These changes affect:
                                                                    - Slows: Different slows no longer stack, only the strongest current slow is taken into account and correctly affects the target's DPS.
                                                                    - Ranged units: Had a different way to calculate their attacks' damages, which resulted in DPS changes with attack speed.

                                                                    • [REWORK] Ranged units' delay between chained attacks was reduced and correctly taken into account for damage calculations
                                                                    These changes should allow ranged units to attack faster but only once they started shooting.
                                                                    It also resolved an issue that highly reduced the DPS of ranged attacks (by ~25%), this should be fixed so expect Axe throwers and Trackers to be as deadly from afar as they are in melee range.

                                                                    • [NEW] Right-clicking on an allied unit should move the units to the clicked position and not also that allied unit you clicked on.

                                                                    • [NEW] Wolves will no longer attack the surroundings when their zone is being invaded.

                                                                    • [NEW] Forging an object (ex: relic) while transferring the zone with the forge to an ally, no longer reset progress nor remove resources involved.


                                                                      • Horse 200 fame bonus gave 5% damage bonus to warriors and axes throwers. This was not intended and it has been corrected.

                                                                      • Food trade technology : Food trade now increases your Trade Routes Kröwns income by 70% on tiles with a natural food source as intended.

                                                                      • Trade iron to 0 and getting "Jord's blessing" now gives 10 iron instead of 9.

                                                                      Magni’s influence from the dragon's essence bar now shows the correct bonus.

                                                                      Dragon’s ‘Capture’ tech : Enslaved Myrkalfar count as +3 ⇒ 2 thralls.

                                                                      Vegvisir can no longer be generated on “Imported Knowledge” battle.

                                                                      Affects don't get initialized nor completely removed when reloading a game during ongoing affects.

                                                                      Fisherman tool has been corrected. In a very specific case, it was not properly working.

                                                                      AI Units no longer attack abandoned towers while they could be captured.

                                                                      Fixed instant scout injury / Death. Happening when you had Vedrfolnir revealing many tiles before you sent the scout out.

                                                                      Selection of friendly units to heal from the healer hut now works correctly.

                                                                      Villagers no longer request more houses when a house finishes building.

                                                                      A villager turned into a scout is no longer in “No work” (for 2 seconds) after his transformation.

                                                                      During the victory dance, some villagers were in “no work” ; This is no longer the case.

                                                                      Fixed several crashing issues in multiplayer.


                                                                      AI in the conquest battle “Beyond the sea” has been fixed.

                                                                      Militia can now appear in “Surrounded” conquest mission.

                                                                      It is no longer possible to produce krowns in battle conquest ‘Greed's price’ with Stag clan and its tech 'the Value of Great Deeds'.

                                                                      • Special rule “The Eldhrumnir relic costs no Iron , takes half the time to forge and doesn’t count as a build relic” in battle ‘Race to Yggrasil’.


                                                                        • +40 lore from stag’s starting bonus are now correctly given.

                                                                        In chapter 3, skipping through the dialogue won’t block Brand and his warriors anymore.


                                                                          Button "How to add a mod to multiplayer" has been reworked. 

                                                                          NEW Added function Player.unlockTech() to grant techs to the player.

                                                                          NEW Added function Player.lockTech() to remove techs from the player.

                                                                          NEW Added function Player.giveFreeTech() to grant free techs to the player.

                                                                          NEW Added function Player.unlockedForFree() to know if a tech was unlocked for free.

                                                                          NEW Added function Player.genericNotify to display custom notifications from script.

                                                                          NEW Added Player.addPingFlag() to ping the minimap and the world with a flag.

                                                                          NEW Added field GameState.scriptDesc to add a descriptive text in the Mod window, accessible from the Victory Progress screen.

                                                                          NEW Added function Player.equipArrow() to change Tracker’s arrow type.

                                                                          NEW Added function Player.getActiveArrowType() to know which arrows are currently used.

                                                                          NEW Added function Player.hasTrophy() to know if a Hunting Board ability was unlocked.

                                                                          NEW Added function Player.unlockTrophy() to unlock a Hunting Board ability for the lynx.

                                                                          NEW Added function isHost() to test if the script is executed host side or client side. (Multiplayer only)

                                                                          NEW Added function Player.getTradingPosts() to get all trading posts owned by the player.

                                                                          NEW A new property “InstantBuild” has been added for buildings in CDB.


                                                                          GET THE CLAN OF THE LYNX

                                                                          Thank you all for your support and all of the feedback you have provided over the last few months, it has been absolutely invaluable in our work. Keep the feedback and suggestions coming!

                                                                          See you in Northgard!

                                                                          - Shiro Games

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                                                                          HIMMINBRJOTIR: THE CLAN OF THE OX

                                                                          Hey Everyone!

                                                                          It's time to reveal the latest clan to grace the lands of Northgard...

                                                                          Please welcome the Clan of the Ox!



                                                                          Led by Torfin, an ancient leader who returned to help his progeny, it is known for its tremendous might and unrelenting devotion to its ancestors. While they may not be the fastest starters, once they've gained some momentum, they can crush anyone and anything in their way.

                                                                          STARTING BONUSES
                                                                          • Your Warchief is the powerful Torfin.

                                                                          • He can find Ancestral Equipment from Ancient Battlegrounds and equip them to become even stronger.

                                                                          • Your units are tougher, larger and eat 10% more than the other clans.

                                                                          • They have a +15% attack power and defence bonus.

                                                                          • Specialized civilian units have a +40% base production bonus, except loremasters.

                                                                          • Buildings can hold only one unit, and houses hold less people.

                                                                          FAME BONUSES



                                                                          An imposing and unpredictable figure, with unmatched strength and an arsenal of Ancestral Equipment that served only to enhance his already devastating array of attacks, Torfin was considered by those who had not had the misfortune of crossing his path in battle to be an embodiment of tall tales and hearsay.

                                                                          Now, having led the Ox Clan to becoming one of the most feared and respected in all of Northgard, there are few who question his legitimacy as he lies dormant, awaiting the day that his people call upon him and his immense power once more.

                                                                          TORFIN'S THRONE

                                                                          Even in death, Torfin continues watching you upon his Throne from his stone statue. It shows everyone the past, the future and the glory of your Clan, represented by the Clan of the Ox’s most amazing and powerful Warchief in its history.

                                                                          Torfin isn’t recruited like a usual Warchief. Like a god avatar, you can summon him from his own Throne. His cost is as huge as his might (15 and 250 ).

                                                                          WARCHIEF EQUIPMENT COLLECTION

                                                                          With centuries of battles behind him, Torfin is able to recall where he can obtain and equip the very same Ancestral Equipment that brought him and the Clan of the Ox so many battlefield victories in aeons past in order to considerably increase all of his abilities and heighten his already devastating array of attacks.

                                                                          ANCIENT BATTLEGROUNDS

                                                                          After being summoned, Torfin remembers ancient gigantic battles and where to find some useful equipment. Depending on your military experience, those ancient battlegrounds can appear everywhere in Northgard. Torfin can excavate buried Ancestral Equipment from there, and equip them.

                                                                          ANCESTRAL EQUIPMENT

                                                                          There are 6 unique items of Ancestral Equipment dedicated to Torfin, who is able to wear only 1 equipment of each type, so you have to choose your equipment wisely before charging your enemies. You can change Torfin’s equipment at any time whilst in your territory if not battling.

                                                                          Tyr's Ancestral Equipment

                                                                          Heimdall's Ancestral Equipment


                                                                          OX RELIC: AEGIR

                                                                          It is a terrific helm. It is said that Torfin stole it from the gods themselves with only his pure strength. Forging it back grants Torfin with the ability to “Ram” buildings. Target a building and Torfin will ram to it and destroy it in one headbut. A few buildings are immune to this attack : non-clan buildings, carved stone and Townhall.

                                                                          LORE TREE

                                                                          CITY BUILDER
                                                                          • In improved zones, specialized units get a +15% production bonus and buildings don’t have an upkeep cost.

                                                                          • Can be stolen by the Snake Lore “Stolen Lore”.

                                                                          MILITARY TRAINING
                                                                          • Idle military units in your territory gain Military Experience.

                                                                          •  50% of Training Camp upgrade cost.

                                                                          FEROCIOUS CHARGE
                                                                          •  Weapons are +50% faster to forge and cost -50% less.

                                                                          •  Warriors gain +100% damage after charging (10s cooldown).

                                                                          •  Torfin gains +5% and for each discovered Ancestral Equipment.

                                                                          •  Whenever a unit dies in the same zone as Torfin, his regenerates by 10% of the dead unit's max health.

                                                                          •  Gaining military experience gives and .


                                                                          CONQUEST OX BONUSES

                                                                          By challenging the Ox Conquest, the Clan of the Ox gets specific Conquest-only bonuses:

                                                                          11th Battle bonus

                                                                          CONQUEST MAP AND SPECIAL TOWNHALL

                                                                          Ox clan has its own conquest map.

                                                                          If you manage to win Conquest mode with the Clan of the Ox, you will unlock the special Ox Townhall.

                                                                          Conquest Map

                                                                          Special Townhall


                                                                          GENERAL CHANGES


                                                                          Unstoppable Force

                                                                          • Win with the Clan of the Ox.

                                                                          Ox Master

                                                                          • Achieve 50 victories with the Clan of the Ox.

                                                                          Ox Conqueror

                                                                          • Finish a Conquest with the Clan of the Ox.

                                                                          I need more RAM!

                                                                          • Build the Aegir relic.

                                                                          Destruction Derby

                                                                          • Destroy 4 different buildings in a single game.

                                                                          This isn't even my final form!

                                                                          • Find all 6 Ancestral Equipments in a single game.

                                                                          Who needs houses?

                                                                          • Win a game without reaching max population

                                                                          •  "During the Kraken event, your clan is feasting." is unlocked at Fame 200 instead of Fame 500.

                                                                          •  Howl from the Sea Master: the chance to become a spectral warrior is now at 20% instead of 10%.

                                                                          •  No more cooldown for Warchiefs at the beginning of the game, except for Kaija.

                                                                          •  New Sheep Master achievement can now be achieved

                                                                          •  Stolen lore can steal all allowed lores, not only those from Clans that you own.

                                                                          •  Svalinn's relic protects now your clan from "High Tide" and "Spectral Warriors" Kraken abilities.

                                                                          BUG FIXES
                                                                          •  Svarn's requests for help during the Chapter 6 of the Story Mode now work as intended.

                                                                          •  You can now build only one Altar of Kings at a time as intended.

                                                                          •  Text chat no longer disappear when typing message with numpad.

                                                                          • Fixed display of resources obtained from imports.

                                                                          •  It is no longer possible to use infinite amount of workers on Hörgr.

                                                                          •  Clicking on Kraken’s spectral attack notification now redirects the camera to the attacked tile.

                                                                          • All giant's have an AoE attack that deal damage on every non-allied units.

                                                                          • “Near The Sea Spirit” correctly allows Trading Route when stolen by Snake.

                                                                          • In chapter 9 of the Campaign, Hrímgandr isn’t blocked anymore by watchtowers.

                                                                          GET THE CLAN OF THE OX

                                                                          See you in Northgard!

                                                                          - Shiro Games

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                                                                          The Clan of the Kraken knows first hand how dangerous the sea can be. They worship the gigantic Creature, fearing it's brutal might, honoring it's instinctual knowledge, and using its powers when he deigns bestow them.


                                                                          STARTING BONUSES

                                                                          •  No commercial Victory. No port. No Lighthouse. Can build Fishery on lake tiles and beaches to assign fishermen.

                                                                          •  +50% colonising and building cost on non coastal zone. -30% on non coastal zone.

                                                                          •  Can build Hörgr to assign Norns. Only female vikings can become Norns. - Replaces Tavern.

                                                                          • Norns produce and Wyrd (new resource).

                                                                          • may activate special abilities.

                                                                          • The Clan of the Kraken starts with 400 .

                                                                          FAME BONUSES

                                                                          When you gain more , the clan of the Kraken will get the following exclusive rewards:

                                                                          • Thane: Future Sight  200
                                                                            • You are warned of events long before they happen.

                                                                            • You gain 400

                                                                          • Jarl: Howl from the Sea Master 500
                                                                            • Whenever you kill military units on enemy or neutral zones, they have 10% chance to become Spectral Warriors under your control (max 5). Spectral warriors bring to the zone controller.

                                                                          NORNS AND VALKYRIES

                                                                          The clan of the Kraken introduces its exclusive units:

                                                                          THE NORNS

                                                                          The Norns try to elucidate the will of the Kraken, bringing foresight and good fortune to the clan. They produce and .

                                                                          THE VALKYRIES

                                                                          Wielding divine power, the Valkyries are the most powerful members of the Kraken's army. Your clan can only control one at a time.


                                                                          THE FISHERY

                                                                          The Fishery is an exclusive generating building for the Clan of the Kraken. This building can be built on shores and beaches. You can assign 2 Villagers to this building to transform them into Fishermen (3 Villagers if upgraded).

                                                                          THE HORGR

                                                                          The Hörgr is the second exclusive building for the Clan of the Kraken. You can assign only female villagers to this building, transforming them into Norns. You can assign 2 of them to this building (3 if upgraded).

                                                                          THE WYRD

                                                                          is a Kraken Clan's exclusive resource. It can be spent to activate special abilities. The Clan of the Kraken starts the game with 400 and a passive production of +1 .

                                                                          Shallow Waters - costs 100
                                                                          •  Improves a coastal zone to accept one additional building.

                                                                          •  It can be cumulative with usual zone improvement.

                                                                          High Tide - costs 300
                                                                          • You can only cast HighTide on a non-coastal zone adjacent to non-coastal zones or zones affected by HighTide.

                                                                          • This cancels the Kraken's building and attack penalties.

                                                                          •  You can colonize this zone at the normal cost.

                                                                          Road To Valhalla - costs 600
                                                                          •  Consecrate one of your Norns.

                                                                          •  She becomes a Valkyrie and joins your army.

                                                                          • You can control only one Valkyrie at a time.

                                                                          The Valkyrie is one of the exclusive units of the Clan of the Kraken:

                                                                          Ancient Spirits - costs 1000
                                                                          • Summons 5 hostile Spectral Warriors to target enemy's coastal zone.

                                                                          LORE TREE

                                                                          Near The Sea Spirit - replaces Trading
                                                                          • Generates +1 every 3 buildings on coastal zones.

                                                                          • Enables Trade Routes with Trading Posts.

                                                                            Endless Tide - replaces Weaponsmith
                                                                            • Reduces the cost of military units by 20%.

                                                                            • Each military camp gives +1 .

                                                                            • Gives +20% to military units.

                                                                              Knowledge From Beyond - replaces Shipbuilding
                                                                              • Reveals all neutral factions.

                                                                              • Trade routes with neutral factions earn you 20% more .

                                                                              •  All Trade Routes give you +3 .

                                                                                Fresh Fish
                                                                                •  Fishermen produce 20% more .

                                                                                •  Their tool improvements are free and their forging time is reduced by 2.

                                                                                • Norns generate 20% more and 50% more .


                                                                                EDDA OF VOR

                                                                                The Kraken clan has its own Relic, the Edda of Vör. Given by Vör, wise and curious, so that no one can hide anything from her:

                                                                                • This Relic allows your Norns to earn .

                                                                                • When the Relic is built, it gives 1 000 .

                                                                                VALKYRIES WEAPON

                                                                                PURIFY ABILITY

                                                                                • The Valkyrie’s weapon gives +10% .

                                                                                • After forging the Valkyrie’s weapon, they gain the Purify ability and can sacrifice themselves to instantly colonize a neutral zone or an enemy zone being uncolonized.

                                                                                • Cooldown: One year.

                                                                                NEW EVENT

                                                                                ATTACK OF THE KRAKEN

                                                                                The Kraken itself roams around Northgard and punishes those who do not fear it. The Kraken attack lasts for 3 month, sinking boats and damaging ports. No one can survive the attack of the Kraken.

                                                                                • This event is not linked to the presence of the Clan of the Kraken.


                                                                                GENERAL CHANGES


                                                                                We've added various statistics to the end game screen (via a new View Statistic button). They will show:

                                                                                • Production

                                                                                •  Usage and changes over time for many resources

                                                                                • Population

                                                                                •  Military units

                                                                                • ... and more!


                                                                                Day of the Tentacle
                                                                                •  Win with the Clan of the Kraken.

                                                                                Kraken Master
                                                                                •  Achieve 50 Victories with the Clan of the Kraken.

                                                                                Victorious Squid
                                                                                •  Witness a boat sunk by the mighty Kraken.

                                                                                Fresh Sea Air
                                                                                •  Win a game without colonizing any non coastal zone.

                                                                                Pride of the Kraken
                                                                                •  Build the Edda of Vor.

                                                                                BALANCING & BUG FIXES

                                                                                •  The Warrior bonus versus Shieldbearer decreased from 15% to 10%.

                                                                                •  The “Deer Hunter” achievement is fixed.

                                                                                •  [Bear] Hibernation: Doesn’t heal sick people anymore.

                                                                                •  The Giant Boar has a trigger warning when uncolonizing.

                                                                                •  The production of the Sailors has been decreased by 20%.

                                                                                •  Now all maps will always have at least one neutral faction.

                                                                                •  The Fallen Sailor event now can appear in every game, not only in Ragnarök.

                                                                                GET THE CLAN OF THE KRAKEN

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                                                                                Led by Brok and Eitria, two spirited siblings, the Clan of the Horse are a quiet and sturdy people. They are also recognized by all as the best craftsmen and women of the known world.


                                                                                STARTING BONUSES

                                                                                • Eitria and Brok are the 2 clan Warchiefs, they can be recruited in the Forge, instead of the usual Military Camps, for 150 , no needed.

                                                                                • Both Warchiefs can fight, mine ore and forge.

                                                                                • Warchief mining and forge speed +10%.

                                                                                • The Clan does not have access to Mines, Miners or Smiths.

                                                                                • Völund's Forge replaces the regular Forge.

                                                                                • Villagers build and repair buildings 25% faster.

                                                                                FAME BONUSES

                                                                                When you gain more fame, the clan of the Horse will get the following exclusive rewards:

                                                                                Thane: Craftmen - 200
                                                                                • Upgraded tools get an additional +5% production bonus.

                                                                                • Selling or gives 20% more and trading partner gets twice the amount of those resources.

                                                                                Jarl: Legacy of the Earth - 500
                                                                                • You can build a second Relic.

                                                                                • 2 and 2 deposits are discovered in your territory.


                                                                                DAINSLEIF & TYRFING

                                                                                The Horse clan has its own Relic, the two swords Dainsleif & Tyrfing. This Relic allows your warchiefs to gain +20% , +20% , +20% , +20% mining and +20% forge speed.

                                                                                EITRIA & BROK, VÖLUND'S FORGE

                                                                                VÖLUND'S FORGE

                                                                                The regular forge is replaced by Völund's Forge. Upgrading this forge will increase the forging speed by 20%.

                                                                                EITRIA & BROK: THE BUILDERS

                                                                                Eitria and Brok are the clan of the Horse’s Warchiefs. They can be recruited from Völund's Forge for 150 each, without any . They are at the center of the Clan mechanics, mainly because they are the only ones able to mine and , and Forge Tools, Weapons and Relics.


                                                                                To mine a deposit with one of the Warchiefs (or with both), no need to build a mine, just assign them directly to the ore.

                                                                                When an enemy enters the tile, the Warchiefs stop forging or mining and automatically attack their opponent. Once the fight is over, they go back to mining or forging. At the beginning of a game, both Eitria and Brok have the same stats: 13 , 10 , 75.

                                                                                LORE TREE

                                                                                Metalcraft - replaces Mining Efficiency
                                                                                • Warchiefs mining and forge speed is increased by 40%.

                                                                                Great Tower - replaces Defence Strategy
                                                                                • Allows you to upgrade your WatchTowers a second time +50% and +50% structure defense. The second upgrade costs the same as the first one.

                                                                                Excavation - replaces Erudition
                                                                                • Mining with Eitria or Brok will grant a certain amount of . Each Warchief mining or earns +4 , and +6 if you have discovered Metalcraft.

                                                                                Ancestral Influence
                                                                                • Relics don’t use a building slot. Each Relic gives a +5% production bonus in the tile they’re built in and in the surrounding tiles.

                                                                                Quality of Life
                                                                                • +1 per territory with upgraded civilian buildings (except houses).

                                                                                GENERAL CHANGES


                                                                                • Constructing a building (of any type) is now forbidden in a conflict zone (war or decolonization).

                                                                                • During the campaign, you can now skip the introduction cinematic.

                                                                                • An option now allows you to disable the profanity filter during a multiplayer game.

                                                                                • Lorestone and Circle of Lorestone now have an icon when no loremaster are assigned, like other buildings.

                                                                                • You can now change the shadow quality: none - low - medium - high - very high.


                                                                                Great Defense
                                                                                • Control 5 upgraded towers lvl 2.

                                                                                Wonder Builder
                                                                                • Build 2 relics in the same game.

                                                                                • Win 1 game.

                                                                                Horse Master
                                                                                • Win 50 games.

                                                                                GET THE CLAN OF THE HORSE

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                                                                                The most alien of all clans, the Dragons follow ancient customs and embrace sinister traditions. They use sacrifice and slavery to further their goals, often earning the other clan's distrust.


                                                                                Starting Bonuses

                                                                                •  Your civilians can go into neutral territory.

                                                                                • No Happiness or Production penalty for being wounded.

                                                                                • You start with a Sacrificial Pyre. You can build a Dragonkin Altar instead of other military buildings.

                                                                                • You start with 2 Thrall and 3 regular Villagers. You can buy Thralls from your Longship Dock.



                                                                                Slavery is an important part of the clan’s economy. Like the regular civilians, Thralls can travel in neutral territory and fight. Thralls do not count towards your population and do not require housing. Their maximum number () is based on your current population number: 33% of current population. They consume only 33% of what a Villager usually consume and they gather 50% less resources than a civilian.

                                                                                How To Get New Thralls

                                                                                There are 2 different ways of getting new thrall:

                                                                                • You can buy them from your longship dock. the price of each thrall will increase after each purchase (+40 ) , and this price will slowly decrease over time (-2 /month).

                                                                                • After getting the Capture Lore, you’ll be able to enslave enemy civilians. You’ll need to get them to 33% HP to have a chance (10% chance per hit) to enslave them. This also works for neutral factions. Please note that each enslaved Kobold will take 1 slot in your Thrall population , each Myrkalf will take 3 slots, and each Jotunn will take 5 slots.

                                                                                Thralls are a powerful economic and military asset but beware of their number! If by any chance your regular population falls under your Thrall population (if < ), they will rise against you!

                                                                                SACRIFICES AND DRAGON ESSENCE

                                                                                The Clan of the Dragon starts each game with a pre-built exclusive building: the Sacrificial Pyre. Through this building, you’ll be able to send every unit you have (except warchief, Jötnar and Bláinn, spectral warriors) to be sacrificed to honour the gods and gain their favours.

                                                                                Sacrificing a unit will earn you some Dragon Essence that can be used to unlock various bonuses:

                                                                                • Sacrificing a regular (non Thrall) unit gives 2 Dragon Essence Units ().

                                                                                • Sacrificing a Thrall gives 3 Dragon Essence Units ().

                                                                                Each Fame step will improve the available bonuses and will unlock additional parts of your Dragon Essence gauge.

                                                                                The different bonuses that can be unlocked are:

                                                                                • Nanna’s Influence: +2 in (Thane: +3 / Jarl: +4)

                                                                                • Andhrimnir’s Influence: +2 in production (Thane: +4 / Jarl: +8)

                                                                                • Niorun’s Influence: +2 in Production (Thane: +4 / Jarl: +8)

                                                                                • Njörd’s Influence: +2 in Production (Thane: +4 / Jarl: +8)

                                                                                • Mimir’s Influence: +2 in Production (Thane: +4 / Jarl: +8)

                                                                                • Hönir Influence: Your slightly increases over time

                                                                                • Idunn’s Influence: Will heal your Dragonkin, wherever they are (if not in combat)

                                                                                • Magni’s Influence: +10% for your Warband and non-thrall units (Thane: +15% / Jarl: +20%)

                                                                                DRAGONKIN AND THEIR ALTAR

                                                                                The Clan of the Dragon does not have access to the regular Military Building. The only military camp you’ll be able to build is the Dragonkin Altar. Each Altar increases your warband size by 1 (2 if upgraded).

                                                                                Giving a Villager his Dragonkin form is a non-reversible process and will consume 50 Krowns (+10 per new Dragonkin) and 1 Dragon Essence Unit . Dragonkins are ferocious military units, more powerful than warriors. Thanks to the Frenzy Lore, they can get a +50% bonus when fighting alone in a tile.

                                                                                LORE TREE

                                                                                Hard Labor
                                                                                • Your Thralls can be conscripted to production buildings to increase their output (You can assign a maximum of 1 Thrall).

                                                                                Blood, Sweat and Tears
                                                                                • You can assign 2 extra Thralls to production buildings. (You can assign a maximum of 3 Thralls).

                                                                                • Gives a chance to enslave wounded enemy civilians or neutral faction units. Enslaved Myrkalfar count as 3 Thralls, Jötnar count as 5 Thralls.

                                                                                Slave Trade
                                                                                • Thralls are cheaper by 50% and minimum price is also reduced by 50%.

                                                                                Dragonic Frenzy
                                                                                • +50% for a Dragonkin with no other ally unit in their zone.

                                                                                GENERAL CHANGES

                                                                                • Clan of the Wolf:

                                                                                  • The berserker now costs 200 and 5 . His defense has been raised to 10.

                                                                                • Clan of the Bear:

                                                                                  • The Clan now starts the game with Kaija .

                                                                                  • Fame 500: Kaija can now go into enemy territory.

                                                                                • Clan of the Goat:

                                                                                  • 1 sheep has been added in nearby territories.

                                                                                • Warcry:

                                                                                  • The time effect has been decreased from 4s to 3s.

                                                                                  • The CoolDown time has been increased from 1 month to 3 months.

                                                                                  • Only 1 Warcry can be shouted each month per tile and per team.

                                                                                • The Myrkalfar’s life has been decreased from 60 to 50.

                                                                                • The Kobold spawn rate has been decreased, and they won’t start expanding on the players' territory before the middle of the year 802.

                                                                                GET THE CLAN OF THE DRAGON

                                                                                Return to News

                                                                                The Clan of the Snake, gathers some of the most roguish vikings to set foot on the continent of Northgard. Led by Signy, the Spear Maiden, the cunning members of the clan have little regard for fame or honour and would rather use guerilla tactics to dominate their enemies than open warfare.

                                                                                NO HONOR, NO FAME

                                                                                Unlike other clans, the Snake’s progression isn’t reflected by the Fame they’ve reached. Cunning and deceitful, the Snake has little regard for fame or honour. Members of the clan prefer working in the shadows and using guerilla tactics rather than open warfare. Its pride depends mainly on its warchief, Signy, who is already available at the beginning of each game.

                                                                                During the game, Signy will grow up and gain new abilities:

                                                                                • Age 15:
                                                                                  • The Cunning (start of the game).

                                                                                • Age 16:
                                                                                  • Pride of the Clan. Signy is now more powerfull, she gains 20% move speed and the ability to attack at range.

                                                                                • Age 18:
                                                                                  • Tears of the Earth. Again, Signy’s power is increased, she gains the ability to walk freely among Northgard’s wildlife (like Skirmishers) and she can use her special ability: Scorched Earth.

                                                                                If she falls on the battlefield, Signy will be available for rehiring in the Skirmishers Camp for 150 Krowns (no Iron needed). In terms of battle statistics, Signy starts with a light advantage in comparison with a basic warrior. She will get stronger and stronger with every passing year.

                                                                                Her Scorched Earth ability will prove itself to be very useful. Signy charges to the center of a tile (any tile except for TownHalls and Victory Tiles) and prepares herself to scorch everything around her. After 5 seconds, Scorched Earth is launched:

                                                                                • Available every 3 months.

                                                                                • Effect lasts 3 months.

                                                                                • If the effect is cancelled during Signy’s preparation time, there is a 1 month cooldown.

                                                                                • Signy cannot be interrupted by anything other than the player(and her death of course).

                                                                                Scorched tiles have the following effects:

                                                                                • +50 attack power the Snake’s units & buildings.

                                                                                • -50% for any production in this tile.

                                                                                LORE TREE

                                                                                Black Market - replaces Coinage
                                                                                • Merchants produce +10% Krowns.

                                                                                • Gain 75% more Krowns when trading with enemy clans, degrading diplomatic relations.

                                                                                • You can trade even when at war.

                                                                                • Enemy clans get no ressources from Black Market trading.

                                                                                Rapacious Exploitation
                                                                                • Bonus of special tiles (Geysers, Thor’s Wrath) is doubled.

                                                                                • Ruins and Shipwreck in your territory grant +2 happiness.

                                                                                Under Pressure - replaces Weaponsmith
                                                                                • +20% attack power for Skirmishers.

                                                                                • +2 happiness and +2 food for each enemy pressured by the Snake.

                                                                                • An enemy clan is pressured if one of the Snake’s military units is on an tile adjacent to or inside his territory.

                                                                                Guerilla - replaces Military Strategy
                                                                                • Military units gain +2% attack power per enemy civilian killed (max 40%).

                                                                                Stolen Lore
                                                                                •  Steal a Lore from another clan’s tree.

                                                                                GET THE CLAN OF THE SNAKE