Hey Everyone!

We're really proud to finally present you the fourth major free update, and possibly the most game changing (no pun intended) yet, The Map Editor!

The Map Editor update stands as one of our biggest updates yet and whole new level of customization to Northgard, allowing you to create and modify battlefields almost limitlessly, populating your maps with buildings, resources, decorations and AI factions of your choosing alongside full control over the visual design and layout of the map.

With this update also comes an external tool allowing even more customization, giving you the ability to change the values of units or buildings (such as attack/defense power, health, price etc..) and write scripts to setup maps with certain units/resources or entirely new victory conditions.

And on top of all of that, the update also implements Steam Workshop support, meaning you guys can create, share, download and play (in both single and multiplayer) each others creations hassle free through Steam!


Here's some more information on what you can do in the editor:
  • Modify maps from classic Northgard map generations

  • Change the elevation and natural barriers between each zones

  • Add any buildings, decorations, creatures/AI of your choosing

  • Edit and customize the starting zones owned by the players

  • Add and edit the special tiles found throughout the map

  • Paint the map with dirt, grass, forest grass and cliff rocks, depending on the biome you created the map on


With the external tool, you can:
  • Change the values from units or building, such as attack/defense power, health, price etc...

  • Write scripts to setup a map with certain units/resources or add new victory conditions.


And that's not all, as with this update comes full Steam Workshop support, so once you're able to upload your modded maps on steam workshop, download community created ones and play them all with multiplayer support.

Please be aware, that the Map Editor is currently in "Beta Phase" so you may experience some bugs/quirks or crashes during use, however we aim to identify and resolve any outstanding issues as quickly as possible, so please please inform us of any problems you experience via our forums or Discord!


We know that creating mods can represents some issues, for that we created a full documentation where you'll be able to find tutorials and some answers to your questions. Click on the link to access to this documentation!


In Addition to all of this, we have introduced a number of new tiles that will also be appearing in standard maps:

  • Mimirsbrunn:
    • Allows you to assign a villager to become a runemaster and produce lore. They may also discover a new knowledge from opposing clans.

  • Udarbrunn:
    • Provides a healing bonus to your healers and allows the use of the Cleanse ability.

  • Landvidi:
    • Units inside this tile gain invisibility, making them undetectable from anyone outside of it.

  • Poisonous Swamp:
    • Exudes a poisonous gas which hurts and slows anything that dares pass through it.

  • Naströnd:
    • Thick thorns prevent anyone but the most agile of warriors to pass though. They can be cleared by a scout, providing additional wood resources.



In addition to the new map editor tools, we have also made some small changes to the game based on user feedback and bug reports, details of which can be found below:

  • Steam users can now play multiplayer with GOG users (And vice versa)

  • New tiles introduced with the editor can be found in non user generated maps

We hope that you'll enjoy this update as much as we enjoyed putting it all together, we're exceptionally proud of the map editor and can't wait to see some of the cool creations you guys come up with!

See you in Northgard!

- Shiro Games

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Northgard Conquest is a standalone game-mode that can be played solo or co-op, with a succession of various challenges offering a gaming expansion of +100 hours. The difficulty of the co-op mode will be based on strong collaboration between players.

Forget the lore, choose your clan and let's fight!


Northgard Conquest offers you the possibility to choose your own experience when facing the harsh challenges of Northgard Conquest.


If you want to challenge yourself and personalise your Clan with unique bonuses whilst counting on your own skills and decisions, then choose the Northgard Conquest solo-mode, defeat the other clans and claim the Throne.

Believe in your strengths, establish the best strategy, exploit resources in an optimal way and build the most formidable clans to endure Northgard’s relentless hostility!


Another addition is the ability to share your adventure and overcome the harsh obstacles with the power of collaboration in the new Northgard Conquest co-op mode.

Northgard Conquest encourages teams to experiment and discover every combo available in this game-mode! But beware, Northgard Conquest is a cunning opponent! Having two in a team means double power, double bonuses and of course, double the problems! But nothing is impossible for fearless vikings.

Plan a global strategy, divide the tasks, collaborate, and master the continent together!


Northgard Conquest introduces a brand new way to present and organize all the different challenges Northgard Conquest offers: The Conquest Map.

The Conquest Map is formed by several challenges, 3 of which are specific to each Clan (and adapted to their specialties) which remain constant. The other challenges are pulled from a random pool of challenges, which means that if you restart a Conquest with the same Clan, you will get a different map with different challenges! As soon as you succeed in one of the 3 specific challenges, several different paths are unlocked and the choice of which path you take is up to you.



Conquest challenges are completely independent between themselves and will challenge you with various specific victory conditions and rules for each challenges. Here’s some examples:

Too Many Wyverns
  • Victory Conditions:

    • Kill 3 Wyverns.

  • Special Rules:

    • Lots of Wyverns are spotted, it's time for a hunt!

    • Town Halls are already protected by updgraded Watch Towers.

Race to Yggdrasil
  • Victory Conditions:

    • Find the legendary World Tree Yggdrasil, and be the first to conquer it.

  • Special Rules:

    • Yggdrasil is larger and cost twice the price to colonize.

    • There is more Fishes, Fertile Lands and Deer in the map.

Kobolds Infestation
  • Victory Conditions:

    • Gain enough territories and raise your Fame to obtain the title of King.

  • Special Rules:

    • Many Kobolds camp everywhere. Kobolds are more aggressive, respawn and expand quicker.

    • For each decolonized Kobolds territory, earn 10 Fame .


As you progress through your Conquest, you'll get to choose specific favors to power up your clan and help you win the next challenge (applicable only to the Conquest game mode).


You can obtain these synergizing favors at the start of a Conquest!


And if you succeed in beating the entire Conquest of a Clan, you'll get a marvelous Town Hall skin related to it! You'll be able to use these skins in all modes:

Clan of the Bear / Boar
Clan of the Goat / Stag
Clan of the Dragon / Raven
Clan of the Snake / Kraken
Clan of the Horse / Wolf


As the biggest major update yet, Northgard Conquest also includes a variety of specific elements as special units, buildings, resources, events or maps. During challenges, you’ll need to exploit them as best you can to succeed!


Valdemar The Cursed

Valdemar was a Legendary King who died bringing battle to Helheim. He now wanders Northgard’s land to avoid death and reach Valhalla. He is usually surrounded by a group of Dark Vaettir who will not let you reach their King.

Dark Vaettir

Unholy Ice Spirits that should not live on this side of Bifrost.

Undead Wyvern

A Frightening Beast, unnaturally turned into something even more terrifying.



Valued resources coveted by overseas merchants.


Gates of Niflheim

Ancient and mystic gates that bring Death from another time in Northgard every Winter…

Pillars of Glory

An ancient legacy for famous Kings. Assign Heralds to Pillars of Glory to earn Fame for your Clan.


Supply From Homeland

Boats coming from Homeland will frequently bring you new Villagers to reinforce your Clan.

Mercenary Raid

A mercenary ship could been spotted near your coasts. You must prepare!


Some of your units will be infected by a strange disease...

Frozen Attack

Death is coming...

Sons of Hymr

Some strange gates are glowing, prepare to fend off the invaders!


Northgard Conquest introduces new specific map configurations that you'll be able to explore during challenges, like The Inner Sea.


This brand new map configuration will host challenges that encourage you to establish the best strategy and exploit all the available resources to succeed and conquer.


In addition to the basic difficulty modes (Easy / Normal / Hard), Northgard Conquest has introduced most challenging difficulty yet: Extreme Mode. This difficulty will do everything in its power to stop you from reaching the Throne and will make Northgard an incredibly hostile continent, more so than it ever was. But if this difficulty isn't challenging enough for you... maybe we create an even more difficult one that will make Northgard a true nightmare for you!



Bear Conqueror
  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Bear.

Boar Conqueror
  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Boar.

Dragonic Conqueror
  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Dragon.

Goat Conqueror
  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Goat.

Horse Conqueror
  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Horse.

Kraken Conqueror
  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Kraken.

Raven Conqueror
  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Raven.

Snake Conqueror
  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Snake.

Stag Conqueror
  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Stag.

Wolf Conqueror
  • Complete a Conquest with the Clan of the Wolf.


  • Complete at least 6 Conquests with different Clans.

  • Complete a Conquest by winning all challenges.

I came, I saw, I conquered.
  • Win each of the 30 different challenges at least once.




  •  New in-game display system which allows you to easily see other players characteristics.

  • Blizzard, Rats Infestation, Earthquake, Draugr Invasion and Frozen Sea are now announced 3 months in advance instead of 6.

  • Changes in the ELO calculation to greatly discourage wintrading.

  •  Wisdom Victory: No need for active units anymore.

  •  Great Trade Routes will now be momentarily paused while the lighthouse is burning.

  •  All events get their own icons in the calendar.

  •  Kobolds power decreased a bit.


  •  Fixed settings defaulting to french after each update.

  •  Fixed an unlimited resource with multiple Trade Routes to exploit.

  •  Fixed the Hightide FX not visible for the clients in multiplayer.

  •  Fixed the unlocked tech count required for the blessings in campaign mode. The counter started at -1.

  •  Typos and small stability fixes.

  •  Fixed the Stone and Iron exchange rate with the Raven's homeland trade.

  •  Fixed the display of a player's rank history in the leaderboard.

  •  Fixed an old error in the ELO calculation. Two players of equivalent ranks should win/lose an equivalent number of points. Defeat should not have the player lose four times what the winner earned.

  •  Fixed a bug that allowed militia to leave territory.

  •  Scabbard of Gram lag improvements.

  •  Fixed an issue that didn't allow kraken fishermen to fish on coasts.

  •  Near the Sea Spirit: Totems were counted as buildings, while they were not supposed to.

  • There were some broken achievements, they're now fixed.


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For some of them it happened as dream, for others as vision. For all it was a gift. And since that day, guided by the Gods, the sledgehammers resonate day and night through Northgard…

The creation of Relics has been rediscovered!


The creation and usage of tools has been completely changed in this patch.

The Forge

The Forge has gained a lot of importance in Northgard. The building requires a Woodcutter’s Lodge to be created and costs 80 and 20 . The building can be upgraded with 100 , 50 and 5 .

You can assign 2 smiths to a non-upgraded Forge and 3 to an upgraded Forge. Add Smiths to craft items quicker. You can build more than one Forge, but you won’t be able to use both buildings to craft the same item.

The Tools

In the Forge, you now have the possibility of 3 different actions:

  • Upgrade civilian tools

  • Upgrade military tools

  • Forge a Relic

You can queue multiple items in the Forge. When the first item is finished, the Smiths will start forging the next one. If there isn’t any adversity in the Forge’s tile, you can cancel the creation of an item, and you’ll be refunded its original cost. You’ll have the possibility to improve the Smith’s tools, granting them a 15% increase in Forge speed!


Common Relics

Here is their list, the requirements needed to build them and their effect:

Clan Related Relics


General Changes

  •  It is no longer possible to launch a construction in a conflicted / decolonizing tile.

  •  Small deposits now frequently spawn in Town Hall surrounding areas.

  •  We reduced the income generated by trading .

  •  When destroying a building, the amount of resources reimbursed now depends on the difficulty you are playing on: easy => 30% (60% if upgraded) // normal => 20% (50% if upgraded) // hard => 10% (40% if upgraded).

Clans Modifications

  •  The Goat’s feasts have been improved.

  •  The Goat’s Fame 200: the tools for Farmers, Hunters and Fishermen are free and can be crafted 50% faster.

  •  The Dragon men AoE attack now deals 100% damage only to the targeted enemy, and 70% on nearby enemies.

Special Tiles

  •  In the Magma Lake victory tile, forging Odin’s Sword no longer requires building a forge. The tile has an “Anvil of the Gods” where you’ll be able to assign Smiths. You have to build the 3 parts of Odin’s Swords to win as usual.

  • The Wyvern stats have been increased:

    • 50 Attack power

    • 25 Defense

  •  The Vedrfolnir has been buffed:

    • 25% Quicker to heal

    • 25% Quicker to scout

    • Now scouts tiles

  • The Geyser has been buffed (it now gives +2 )

  • Thor's Wrath has been buffed (+10% att power)

  • The Specter Warrior's defense has been reduced to 10

  • The Raven's Harbor now costs only 70

  • Depending on the difficulty the player is playing on, the number of Valkyries has been increased (on hard difficulty, each Valkyrie tile has been given +1 Valkyrie)


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The ground is shaking. The air is burning. Men and beasts alike flee the land.

Dark days are coming!


The map you’ll be playing on when choosing Ragnarok is completely devastated. Your path towards your opponents may be guarded by dangerous creatures! The center of the map is occupied by a new special tile: the Volcano. We also added a new music for this map!

The earth has been ravaged, you won’t find any fertile spots to build your usual farms. Fish and deer will be the only available food source!



The Volcano is one of new tiles introduced in Northgard: Ragnarok. It is a special tile that cannot be tamed or colonized. During the game, the Volcano will erupt hurling molten rocks across the map. Some of them will land in your territory where you’ll then have the chance to mine them. If you manage to completely mine these rocks within 4 months, you’ll be fine. If you fail, Rock Golems will spawn from them and attack the clan members occupying the tile.

The number of Molten Rocks falling onto your territory will vary depending on the number of tiles you have colonized. If you didn’t manage to finish mining the rock before the deadline, the Golem will spawn missing a few HP. Golems have Damage on Time attacks, that will burn their aggressors for a few seconds.


The Blood Moon is another new random event that we’ve added to the game. It increases the attack of all units outside of their territory by 50%!

The choice is yours: will you take the risk of going out when everything has gone wild?


The Ancient Graveyard is another new tile introduced in Ragnarok. You’ll have the possibility to assign two Lore Masters to study the Graveyard, gathering lore. Once you’ve completed the Graveyard study, two Spectral Warriors will join your army!

To the trained eye, it’s obvious that Seidr, an ancient form of sorcery Freyia taught the Æsir, was practiced here.

Spectral warriors have very high defense and are not easily hit by projectiles. They will be very useful to help you clear your surroundings of any enemies. However, because vikings are highly superstitious, your clan’s happiness will be reduced by 10 as long as they are in your territory!


During their long journey toward Northgard, countless Viking ships have sunk into the great depths. But Ragnarok is here, and the Fallen Sailors return to haunt the living.

“Fallen Sailors” is an event that can occur at any time during a game. You’ll need to deal with ghost Warriors attacking your shores. As seen previously, they have very high defense, and as long as they are in your territory, they’ll lower your happiness by 10.


Kobolds now have a much more developed behavior:

  • Starting year 2, when the number of kobold reaches 7, they can send 4 of them towards an adjacent neutral tile and colonize it.

  • They start with 1 tile and can have up to a maximum of 4 tiles under their control.

  • If there isn’t any neutral tile close to their territory, they may attack a player’s tile.

  • On neutral tiles, they do not fight wildlife but build their village around it!

  • They cannot colonize active Wolf Dens or Draugar Camps nor the other neutral factions’ tiles.


The Myrkalfar are the new neutral faction of Northgard. These dark elves are particularly aggressive and are strongly opposed to your presence on their continent. Every year, they’ll launch attacks against random players. Once they’re in your territory they’ll start stealing your resources, and you’ll be dealing with a -5 in food, wood and krowns.

To counter their attack, you have two seperate choices:

  • You can attack their camp, getting some of the stolen resources back after killing the last of them.

  • You can trade precious resources with them (stone or iron) and befriend them so that they’ll be more likely to launch attacks against your enemies.


The Ragnarok update adds a new military system: the Military Paths! Every enemy defeated on Northgard will grant you xp points. When reaching 500 military experience, you’ll get to choose between 3 different military branches: The Tactician, the Guardian or the Conqueror.

Each of the Military Paths feature 3 different unlockable skills. Be careful: once you’ve chosen a path, you won’t be able to change it, so planning will be very important! The third and last level of each path should be quite hard to reach as it requires a total of 3000 xp (500 for the first one, 1500 for the second).

Here are the details for each of the Military Paths:


Reinforced Armor - 500 XP gain
  • Military units have 10% chance of negating incoming attacks.

War Cry - 1500 XP gain
  • Enemy units (non neutral) are feared for 4 seconds. The fear effect stops when reaching the border of the tile.

Bodyguard - 3000 XP gain
  • A bodyguard is attached to your warchief. The Warchief gains +20 attack power and 40% damage reduction.


Garrison - 500 XP gain
  • Each Tower adds +1 to your maximum warband (+2 if upgraded). +100% xp per kill in an allied territory.

Suppressing Fire - 1500 XP gain
  • Units within an area that contains an allied Defense Tower gain +30% defense. You gain 1 free Tower Upgrade every year.

Call to Arms - 3000 XP gain
  • Converts all civilians in the area into Militia. They can't go outside of your territory.


War Effort - 500 XP gain
  • You can choose a Free Military tech.

Blood Bath - 1500 XP gain
  • Each time one of your units dies in enemy territory, friendly units in the area gain +5% attack and +5% defense for 1 month.

War Veteran - 3000 XP gain
  • Warriors have +20% health.

  • Axe Throwers have +30% attack range.

  • Shield Bearers reduce projectile damage by 30%.

  • Skirmishers damage to Watch Towers cannot be repaired.


When killed, each of Northgard’s units give a specific amount of experience points. Please note that losing a clan member gives half the xp as killing one! Experience gain defers if you’re playing on an Easy, Normal or Hard Northgard difficulty! The complete experience table is available on our Official Wiki!



  • The Draugar movement speed has been increased by 20%.

  • In balanced maps, tiles get balanced types of Draugar.

  • Shipbuilding bonus lowered from 30% to 20% (to balance it with Coinage).

  • Axe Throwers movement speed has been slightly decreased.


Clan of the Bear
  • Kaija is not counted in the clan’s food consumption anymore nor in its population.

  • Hibernation bonus has been slightly increased.

  • Shield mastery: Shield Bearers camps do not have any upkeep cost.

Clan of the Snake
  • Under Pressure now also cancels the Skirmishers’ Supply Line debuff.

Clan of the Goat
  • The free feast can be used once each year.

Clan of the Wolf
  • Wolves only give 15 food.

  • Bears only give 120 food.

  • Field Ration Ratio has been reduced to 75%.

  • Pillage income will vary depending on the enemy killed.