Hello Vikings!

Today, we’re releasing a comprehensive balance patch designed primarily around feedback and suggestions posed to us by the community since our last balancing patch back in March. We’ve made a number of major changes and even introduced some new mechanics with this update and you can see everything we’ve been working on below!


Please note that we have introduced a backup system for the game progress save file. As with any new system, there is a risk to lose your progress. Please make a copy of any files starting by "stats_" contained in your "save" folder.



- Call to Arms

Now placed in third  first position.

REMOVED | Converts all civilians in the area into Militia. They can’t go outside of your territory. 

NEW | Call to Arms is a passive ability placed on your Town Hall. Every six months, homeland sends you 2 Militia to help you defend your territory. Militia is a self-sufficient unit that patrols within your territory and attacks any incoming threats. You can have a maximum of 2 Militia in your territory.

NEW | Each kill on allied territory gives +100% Military Experience. 

    - Garrison

    Now placed in first   second position.

    Each Defense Tower adds +1 to your maximum warband (+2 if upgraded).

    REMOVED | Converts all civilians in the area into Militia. They can’t go outside of your territory. 

    NEW | You gain 1 free Tower upgrade each year.

    NEW | You can have a maximum of 4 Militia in your territory.

    BUGFIX | The XP gain bonus of the guardian Path (which used to be on Garrison) no longer gives double XP to players that kill units of a guardian player on his territory.

    - Suppressing Fire

    Now placed in second   third position.

    Human units within an area that contains an allied Defense Tower gain +30% defense.

    REMOVED | You gain 1 free Tower upgrade each year.

    NEW | You can have a maximum of 6 Militia in your territory.


    •  New hotkey on Shift+Left click to add/remove a unit from the selection

    • New hotkey on Ctrl+Left click to select units of the same type within a selection

    • New hotkey on Ctrl+[1-9] to create a new group with the selection (already exist within the game, but never got exposed in the Options)

    • Select cycle is now called “Go next in Unit/Building type” for clarity purposes

    • New toggle to choose rather Icons or Military are displayed by default on the minimap

    • New toggle to choose to display World Info by default or not


      - Data Mods

      Addition of modifiable values ​​in Cdb

      • Tool upgrade, weapon upgrade and relic cost in the forge

      • Wood consumption by units

      • Number of units assignable by default to a building

          - Script Mods

          Restrict "talk" function to valid bannermen

              NEW TILE


              Source of incredible knowledge, this new zone is protected by 3 spectral warriors and can be colonized with Lore only. Increases building, repairing and forging speed by 30%.

                BALANCING & BUG FIXES

                - Silos

                • Cost: 100 80 Wood

                  - Bragaful

                  • Under 500 Commercial Influence: 6 +3

                  • Between 500 and 1000 Commercial Influence: 8  +6

                  • Between 1000 and 1500 Commercial Influence: 10 +9

                  CLANS BALANCING

                  THE CLAN OF THE WOLF

                  - Veiled Threats

                  • Improves your Trade Routes Kröwns income by 75% 50% if you have a Warchief and by 150 130% with the Warchief in the same zone as the Trading Post. You can trade even when at war.

                      THE CLAN OF THE SNAKE

                      - Poison

                      • Decreases target’s attack speed and move speed by 20 35% for 2 seconds.

                      - BUGFIX

                      • Scorched Earth now loots resources on neutral factions.

                          THE CLAN OF THE GOAT

                          - Sheep

                          • NEW | Having at least one Sheep in an area reduces the need for Firewood by 20% during winter for this area. This effect also lasts all year long if the Sheep is in a Sheepfold.

                          - BUGFIX

                          • The former sheep bonus was active all year for all clans and has been corrected.

                          - Food Trade

                          • NEW | Food trade also increases your Trade Routes Kröwns income by 70% on tiles with a natural food source.

                          THE CLAN OF THE DRAGON

                          - Whirlwind

                          • Dragonkin frequently sometimes executes a mighty swirling strike that damages all surrounding enemies.

                          - Buy Thralls

                          • Price increases by +40 +50 krowns each time

                          • Price decreases -2 -4 Krowns each month

                              THE CLAN OF THE BOAR

                              - Starting Bonuses

                              • Learning a new Lore gives 20 Fame instead of 15.

                              - Greater Blessings (requires 500 Fame )

                              • Freya: Winter penalty is massively reduced (70% for Food , 70 50% for Wood ).

                              • NEW | Baldr: +5 Happiness and +2 Lore production

                              • Jörd: Warchief  Your army and upgraded towers get +10% attack

                              - Osmosis

                              • NEW | You obtain 1 Happiness for every 3 colonized zones. Zones with Forests, Swamps, Poisonous Swamps or Fish provide 1 Happiness .

                              - Handiwork

                              • NEW | Handiwork also grants -10% building upkeep costs.

                                THE CLAN OF THE RAVEN

                                - Recruits (requires 200 Fame )

                                • NEW | Sailors also produce +100% fame .

                                    Thank you all for your support and all of the feedback you have provided over the last few months, it has been absolutely invaluable in our work. Keep the feedback and suggestions coming!

                                    See you in Northgard!

                                    - Shiro Games

                                    ©Copyright 2018-2020 Shiro Games. All rights reserved. Site use subject to our privacy & coockie policy.

                                    BALANCING PATCH [MARCH 2020]

                                    Hey everybody!

                                    We've been hard at work collecting and collating your feedback the past few months and using your insights we have implemented numerous alterations and improvements to the game for the latest Northgard balance patch. Check out what we've been up to below!

                                    GENERAL CHANGES


                                    - New Altar of Kings cost:

                                    • 300 Woods

                                    • 300 Kröwns

                                    • 15 Stones (Instead of 10)

                                    - Altar of Kings has been reworked, it now gives:

                                    • +1 Wood / +1 Food / +1 Kröwn / +1 Lore for every 200 Fame - (0-199 Fame : +0 ; 200-399 Fame : +1 ; 400-599 Fame : +2 ; etc) +50 Fame after building it

                                    • +1 Happiness

                                    • (The Clan of the Snake can no longer build the Altar of Kings.)

                                    - Lighthouse & Kraken event:

                                    • Building a Lighthouse on a Harbor or a Longship Dock prevents it from being attacked by the Kraken Event.

                                    - Carved Stone:

                                    • Cost cuts from 15 Stones to 10 Stones .

                                    - Brewery price reduction:

                                    • 80 Woods
                                    • 40 Kröwns .


                                    - Healers / Menders:

                                    • Healing Speed has been improved by +10%.

                                    - Smiths:

                                    • Relics take less time to forge.

                                    - Shield Bearers:

                                    • Attack Power +5%

                                    • Defence Power -5%

                                    - Wyverns:

                                    • Wyverns have received a complete cosmetic redesign and are now scarier than ever!

                                      • AI has been improved: Better resource management, better defense and a bit more aggressive.

                                      • World Hostility has been increased by +10%.

                                      • Winter Wood's consumption now depends on difficulty.

                                      • Draugr Invasion Event is scaled upon difficulty.

                                      • Earthquake Events are scaled upon difficulty.

                                        • World Hostility is always set to High in ranked games.

                                          MILITARY PATH

                                          - Guardian, Suppressing Fire:

                                          • Yearly free Defense Tower upgrade is now stacked if not used.

                                          - Conqueror, Veteran fighters:

                                          • Skirmishers: increased the Decolonisation Speed by +5% each. (Previously for Dragonkins).

                                          • Dragonmen: Whenever a dragonkin kills an enemy unit, you gain a few Dragon Essence.


                                          - Mjöllnir:

                                          • Damages are halved on military units.

                                          - Scabbard of Gram:

                                          • Deceleration Speed reduced by -5%

                                          - Jörmunr:

                                          • You can colonize zones with Lore every 4 months (instead of 6).

                                          - New Boar's stolen lore:

                                          • Osmosis (previously Legacy)

                                          GENERAL TECHS

                                          - Erudition:

                                          • Increases Loremaster Production by 40%. First Carved Stone is free.

                                          - Negotiate:

                                          • +20% marketplace stock replenishment.

                                          - Recruitment:

                                          • FROM: “Permanently increases Population Growth Speed by 25%. This raises to 50% during 6 months if any unit from your clan is killed by an enemy clan or sacrificed.”

                                          • TO: Permanently increases population growth speed by 25%. You gain an additional 5% during 4 months for each unit from your clan killed by an enemy clan or sacrificed. (Max 75%) “

                                          CLANS BALANCING

                                          THE CLAN OF THE OX

                                          - City Builder:

                                          • In improved zones, specialized units get a +10% Production Bonus (instead of 15%) and Buildings upkeep cost is reduced by -50% (instead of -100%). Reduces cost of area’s development by -50%.

                                          - Military Pressure (200 Fame bonus):

                                          • All non-villager units get a production bonus depending on the number of military units you control.

                                          - The True Hero (500 Fame bonus):

                                          • Torfin can use provocation: all enemy units and towers target Torfin during a short period and his Defense Power is increased by +100% for 6 seconds (instead of 10 sec.)

                                          - Unstoppable:

                                          • Torfin gains +5% Attack Power and Defense Power for each discovered Ancestral Equipment. Whenever a unit dies in the same zone as Torfin, his Health slowly regenerates by 10% of the dead unit’s max Health .

                                            THE CLAN OF THE KRAKEN

                                            - Norns:

                                            • Happiness Production +20%

                                            • Wyrd Production +10%.

                                            - Near The Sea Spirit:

                                            • Generates +1 Kröwn and +1 wyrd every 3 buildings on coastal zones. (Instead of 4 buildings.)

                                            - Foresight Lore moved to replace Medicine.

                                            - Howl of the Sea Master (500 Fame bonus):

                                            • Military units killed in a neutral or enemy zone have 30% chance to become Spectral Warrior, joining your ranks under your orders. (Max 7 spectral warriors under your control).

                                              THE CLAN OF THE SNAKE

                                              - Signy:

                                              • -5% Attack Power .

                                                  THE CLAN OF THE DRAGON

                                                  - Dragonkin:

                                                  • -5% Attack Power .

                                                      THE CLAN OF THE BOAR

                                                      - Lay of the Land:

                                                      • The Environment Hostility has been reduced by -70%

                                                      • Increase of the Production by 10% for non-villager units in Forests, Swamps or Fish. (Instead of 10% for all the villagers.)

                                                      - Bartering:

                                                      • Neutrals will no longer accept the same trading ressources twice. (Except for food for giants)

                                                      - Lore Tree:

                                                      • “Osmosis” is moved from “Negotiate” to “Trading Caravan”.

                                                        THE CLAN OF THE RAVEN

                                                        - Gear Upgrade:

                                                        • Gives +2% Attack Power (Instead of 1%) and Defense Power for each active Sailor or Merchant (20% max instead of 15%).

                                                            THE CLAN OF THE GOAT

                                                            - Add a new feature on Goat’s Relic: Building Goat’s Relic now allows you to build another Sheepfold.

                                                            - New Starting Bonus:

                                                            • The Clan start with one Sheep and can build 2 Sheepfolds.

                                                            - Sheep produce 10% less Food .

                                                            “Shepherd” Lore and “Spare Tools” (Goat’s 200 Fame bonus) are reversed.

                                                              THE CLAN OF THE STAG

                                                              - Hero Emblem:

                                                              • Altar of Kings cost 5 Stones to build.

                                                              BUG FIXES

                                                              • While kiting with ranged units, the next attack takes a little bit of time to throw a projectile.

                                                              • Wolves can migrate to empty neutral territory.

                                                              • It is no longer possible to assign another sheep to a Sheepfold with the “industrious” Lore.

                                                              • Wyverns fixes: Skin colors change upon their Power / Resolved a difficulty issue on Hard Mode in Cooperation (Conquest)

                                                              • Earthquake can no longer target the Altar of Kings.

                                                              • The steam overlay display has been fixed for macOS Catalina

                                                              Thank you all for your support and all of the feedback you have provided over the last few months, it has been absolutely invaluable in our work. Keep the feedback and suggestions coming!

                                                              See you in Northgard!

                                                              - Shiro Games

                                                              ©Copyright 2018-2020 Shiro Games. All rights reserved. Site use subject to our privacy & coockie policy.
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                                                              IT'S THE WINTER FESTIVAL AGAIN!

                                                              •  Permafrost is the default biome during the winter festival.

                                                              •  Villagers can build snowmen.

                                                              •  Giant Trees have winter decoration.

                                                              • Axe Throwers throw snowballs.

                                                              •  Some Deer have red nose.

                                                              •  Bears on Permafrost are white.

                                                              GENERAL CHANGES

                                                              Lore Related Changes

                                                              A LOT of different Lores have been modified to make the game more enjoyable and intuitive to play:

                                                              • Trading lore doesn’t exist anymore.

                                                              • Shipbuilding now allows the Lighthouse.

                                                              • Coinage now allows the trading routes.

                                                              •  Mining Efficiency is now at Tier I in Wealth Tree, replacing Trading.

                                                              •  New Mining Efficiency: +50% speed mining. No more additional ore.

                                                              • Eradication becomes a generic Lore, no longer a Stag specific lore. It is a Tier II in Growth Tree, replacing Mining Efficiency.

                                                              • New Eradication: Silo bonus +10%. -50% upgrade costs. No more happiness bonuses.

                                                              • Recruitment is now triggered when sacrificing a Dragon unit or slaughtering a sheep or a giant boars.

                                                              • Medecine : +50% healing speed (no more Healers can bring food when they do not heal).

                                                              • Military Strategy get a max set at 25%.

                                                              This patch will introduce two new Lores that fill holes in some of the clans potential. These will grant us more flexibility when balancing the game or designing new clans:

                                                              • Tier IV in Growth branch ⇒ Shiny Happy People: -20% required happiness based on your population

                                                              • Tier IV in Wealth branch ⇒ Trading Caravan: Trading Route gets +20%. Affinity with neutral factions grows quicker

                                                              General Relic Related Changes

                                                              • Mjolnir: does less damage during a shorter time.

                                                              • Skull of Hrungnir: gets a 1 year cooldown and you can summon more than 1 zombie giant.

                                                              Miscellaneous Changes

                                                              Coming with the rework of the Lore tree, the following changes will help balance things up:

                                                              • Healers can bring food when they do not heal. No need for Medicine lore anymore.

                                                              • The Townhall provides +1 krowns.

                                                              • Basic Mining speed has been slowed down.

                                                              • Skirmishers are no more accessible to all clans. They are exclusive to the Snake clan.

                                                              • New tool for Scouts: +15% scouting speed, run between territories.

                                                              • Forge building cost is reduced: 60 wood, 15 krowns, 30 sec build time.

                                                              • Spectral warriors and Myrkalfars can be found in any Biome, not only Ragnarok.

                                                              • New Altar of Kings: +3 Food / Wood / Krowns / Lore, +1 happiness, 50 fame.

                                                              • Supply lines penalty decreasing with time -5% per year.

                                                              • There can be more than one Bear in a zone, depending on difficulty and Townhall distance.

                                                              • We added a cooldown for the first recruitment of the Warchiefs (This includes Kaija, but not Signy).

                                                              • Projectile Resistance is now an ability.

                                                              • When playing in multiplayer with or against AIs, it is now possible to have an infinite pause.

                                                              • You can keep exploring a Ruin or Shipwreck an ally started to explore without starting over.

                                                              Neutral Faction Changes

                                                              A few things have changed regarding the Neutral Factions behavior to give them a fair impact on the game:

                                                              • Trading with neutral factions improves trading over time.

                                                              • Trading with them prevent them from attacking you (works with Kobolds and Myrkalfar).

                                                              • If you have a positive relationship with a neutral faction, they won’t attack your territories.

                                                              • Blain gets the thunder attack, like the Raven's Giant Mercenaries.

                                                              CLAN BALANCING

                                                              The Clan of the Kraken

                                                              • Fresh Fish replaces Hearthstone.

                                                              • Foresight replaces Recruitment.

                                                              • Near the sea Spirit:

                                                                • +1 Krown and +1 Wyrd for 4 building on coastal zone.

                                                                • Now replaces Shipbuilding.

                                                              • Knowledge from Beyond now allows the trading routes.

                                                              • Fame 500 - Howl from the Sea Master:

                                                                • During the Kraken event, your clan is feasting.

                                                              The Clan of the Horse

                                                              • Quality of Life replaces Negotiate.

                                                              • Warcry cooldown is now shared between both warchiefs.

                                                              • Metalcraft:

                                                                • Now replaces Mining efficiency.

                                                                • Warchiefs mining and forge speed is increased by +60%.

                                                              • Excavation:

                                                                • Every Warchief Mining stone or iron produces +4 Lore.

                                                              The Clan of the Dragon

                                                              • Draconic Frenzy:

                                                                • +100% att if a military unit fights with no other allied military unit in the zone.

                                                              • Dragonkin:

                                                                • 20% projectile resistance is now displayed.

                                                                • Attack power 12 => 13.

                                                                • Move speed +10%.

                                                              • Blood, Sweat & Tears replaces Medicine.

                                                              • Capture:

                                                                • Chance to capture is doubled if warchief is in zone.

                                                              • Skull of Hrungnir:

                                                                • You can now summon more than one Undead Giant.

                                                                • We added a 1 year cooldown after each Undead Giant recruitment.

                                                              • Slave Trade replaces Erudition.

                                                              The Clan of the Snake

                                                              • Skirmishers are now exclusive to Snake clan.

                                                              • New Signy:

                                                                • She has new stats and she grows quicker.

                                                                • Age 16: Signy gain ranged attack.

                                                                • Age 17: Signy can go through neutral foes zones like skirmishers.

                                                                • Age 18: Signy gain Scorched Earth.

                                                              • Scorched Earth:

                                                                • Like mercenaries, Signy pillage resources in enemy territory depending of the zone production.

                                                              • Under Pressure:

                                                                • +20% att and supply penalty reduced for Skirmishers. +10% to other military unit attack.

                                                                • +0.5 happiness and +1 Food for each military unit in a non allied zone next to or in an enemy territory.

                                                              • Guerilla Tactics:

                                                                • Military units gain +1% Attack Power per unit lost or killed in an enemy territory (max 30%).

                                                              • New Black Market:

                                                                • +10% merchant production & allows Trading Route.

                                                                • +50% income from Trading routes with enemy clan.

                                                                • This clan gains no resources from you and diplomacy is decreased.

                                                              • Rapacious Exploitation:

                                                                • Now replaces Negotiate.

                                                                • Bonus of special tiles (such as Thor’s Wrath or the Geyser) is doubled.

                                                                • Rapacious Exploitation no longer allows scouting neutral ruins.

                                                              • Gungir - The Clan of the Snake's Relic:

                                                                • Unlock the Stealth Ability to all military units.

                                                                • Stealthy units won’t get attacked by Watch Tower for 5 seconds when entering a tile.

                                                              The Clan of the Boar

                                                              • Legacy:

                                                                • Now replaces Hearthstone.

                                                                •  Altar of Kings production and happiness +50%.

                                                              • Herbalism:

                                                                • Active menders gives +5% production and +10% Lore production in Mender's hut Zone.

                                                                • +20% Healing speed.

                                                              • Simple Living replaces Sharp Axes.

                                                              • Lay of The Land replaces Mining Efficiency.

                                                              • New Bartering:

                                                                •  Allows Trading Routes.

                                                                • You can trade every resource to neutral factions.

                                                                • Trade routes with neutral factions +1 happiness per trading route.

                                                              • Osmosis replaces Negotiate.

                                                              • Mask of Gullinbursti - the Clan of the Boar's Relic:

                                                                • +5 Food production. Summon a non controllable giant boar from all forests.

                                                                • Boars into allied territory are pacified.

                                                                • You can sacrifice boar from your territory for food (500).

                                                                • It regenerates its health quickly.

                                                              The Clan of the Bear

                                                              • Shield Maiden and Kaija get projectile resistance like Shieldbearers.

                                                              • Kaija costs 40 Food and 40 krowns.

                                                              • Hibernation:

                                                                • Units regenerate during winter in allied territory.

                                                              • Winter Festival:

                                                                • 50% penalty Winter Production.

                                                                • +3 Happiness in Winter.

                                                                • +50% on Trading Routes in Winter.

                                                              The Clan of the Raven

                                                              • New Negotiator:

                                                                •  +2 krown.

                                                                • +20% commercial influence.

                                                              • Exotic Goods replaces Erudition.

                                                              • New weapon in the Forge for Raven Mercenaries: they get 20% projectile resistance.

                                                              • Mercenaries Raid:

                                                                • Longer time before appearing in enemy territory.

                                                              The Clan of the Stag

                                                              • Starting Bonus: Starts with 40 lore.

                                                              • Fame 200: Also gives 75 lore.

                                                              • Fame 500: All productions gets +1% per 100 Fame.

                                                              • Lore Hero Emblem:

                                                                • Altar of kings cost no Stone.

                                                                • Gives +2 Happiness and earns Fame.

                                                                • Hero Emblem replaces Recruitment.

                                                              • Food Preservation:

                                                                • +3 food for each Silo (+5 if upgraded.

                                                                • +1 Happiness per Silo.

                                                                • Now replaces Hearthstone.

                                                              • Glory of the Clan:

                                                                • +20% Fame on Fame gains.

                                                                • +20% on Trading Route and Great Trading Route.

                                                              • The Value of Great Deeds:

                                                                • Skalds produce 1 krown (+1.5 if upgraded).

                                                                • Skalds tools are free and -50% forge time.

                                                                • Now replaces Mining Efficiency.

                                                              The Clan of the Goat

                                                              • Starting Bonus: Can build only one SheepFold.

                                                              • Shepherd:

                                                                •  2 free sheep.

                                                                • Can build a second Sheepfold.

                                                                • +10% sheepfold production.

                                                              • Industrious replaces Recruitment.

                                                              • Amenities replaces Eradication.

                                                              The Clan of the Wolf

                                                              • Conqueror:

                                                                • +75% attack power versus Tower.

                                                                • +75% decolonization speed.

                                                              • Spoils of War: Villager, Warrior, Skirmisher, Draugr, Warchief give 5 krowns less.

                                                              • Horn of Managarm: It is possible to summon a white wolf individually.

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                                                              CLANS BALANCING

                                                              The Clan of the Horse

                                                              Warchiefs stats modification
                                                              • Their Attack Power is decreased from 13 to 12.

                                                              •  Their Health is decreased from 75 to 70.

                                                              • Each Warchief mining or earns (+4) +3 and (+6) +5 if you have discovered Metalcraft.

                                                              The Clan of the Dragon

                                                              Starting bonuses
                                                              • NEW - When a Dragonkin is recruited, he is entirely healed up.

                                                              Draconic Frenzy
                                                              • Military units gain +50% if fighting alone in a tile.

                                                              • NEW - The Frenzy isn’t limited to Dragonkin anymore.

                                                              •  Enslaved Myrkalfars count as (3) 2 Slaves, Giants count as (5) 4 Slaves.

                                                              • NEW - The AOE’s Dragonkin has been increased from +70% to +80%.

                                                              The Clan of the Snake

                                                              Stolen Lore

                                                              Choose one clan-specific Tech of another clan from the following list:

                                                              • Field Rations (Wolf clan)

                                                              • Industrious (Goat clan)

                                                              • Food Preservation (Stag clan)

                                                              • Journeymen (Raven clan)

                                                              • Harpoons (Bear clan)

                                                              • Legacy (Boar clan)

                                                              • NEW - Dragonic Frenzy (Dragon clan)

                                                              • Ancestral Influence (Horse clan)

                                                              Age 18, Rite of Passage : Scorched Earth
                                                              •  NEW - Signy now has a better (x2) when she scorches the Earth.

                                                              Rapacious Exploitation
                                                              •  Ruins & Shipwreck give +2 .

                                                              • Special zones bonus is doubled.

                                                              • NEW - Scouts can explore Ruins and wrecked ships in uncolonized tiles.

                                                                The Clan of the Boar

                                                                •  Each active Mender provides (5%) 7% production in Mender's Hut territory.

                                                                •  NEW - +20% Healing speed.

                                                                Lay of the Land
                                                                •  Frequency of attack from Wolves and Draugrs: -70%.

                                                                • NEW - +10% production in Forests, Swamps and Shoals.

                                                                •  NEW - Each zone gives you some . Forest, swamps and shoals give triple.

                                                                  The Clan of the Bear

                                                                  Starting Bonuses
                                                                  •  NEW - The Clan of the Bear doesn’t start with Kaija anymore. Costs 40 to recruit.

                                                                    The Clan of the Raven

                                                                    NEW - Negotiators: Replaces Trading
                                                                    •  Gain +3 production and +20% .

                                                                    •  Allows Trading Routes & Lighthouse. LightHouse is free.

                                                                    NEWGear Upgrade
                                                                    •  +1% and +1% per merchant or sailor (max 15%).

                                                                    •  Reduce Cost for weapon upgrade by 50%.

                                                                    Starting Bonuses
                                                                    •  NEW - Upgrading an Harbor grants +20% exploration speed.

                                                                    •  NEW - +10% production from Merchants and Sailors.

                                                                    Fame 500: Mercenaries
                                                                    •  NEW - Harbors can be assigned one additional sailor.

                                                                    The Clan of the Stag

                                                                    Food Preservation
                                                                    • Increased production by (+2) +3 for each silo, and (+4) +5 if upgraded.

                                                                    Glory of the Clan
                                                                    •  +20% on gains.

                                                                    •  NEW - All productions gets +1% per 100 .

                                                                    The Value of Great Deeds
                                                                    •  Skalds will produce +1 , and +2 if their building is upgraded.

                                                                    •  NEW - Skalds tool upgrade is free and take -50% time to forge.

                                                                    Hall of Skalds
                                                                    •  Cost becomes 80 and 40 .

                                                                    Bug Fix
                                                                    • Skalds' tool did not correctly increase production.

                                                                    The Clan of the Goat

                                                                    NEW - Shepherd - formerly Cooking Mastery
                                                                    •  2 free Sheep.

                                                                    • +10% Sheepfold production.

                                                                    Starting Bonuses
                                                                    •  The Clan of the Goat now has a (30%) 20% Feast bonus.

                                                                    •  Upgrading the Sheepfold increases its production by (50%) 20%.

                                                                      The Clan of the Wolf

                                                                      Starting bonuses
                                                                      •  NEW - When do not have any Warband member, the first military unit recruited is free (Warchief excluded).

                                                                      • NEW - Happiness generation: Having 1 Warrior grants +1 . The larger your army is, the less per Warrior you’ll get.

                                                                      Veiled Threats

                                                                      •  +75% if you have a Berserker.

                                                                      • NEW - +150% for Trade Route in the same tile as Berserker.

                                                                      • NEW - You can even when at War.

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