Balancing Patch [July 2020]

Hello Vikings! Today, we’re releasing a comprehensive balance patch designed primarily around feedback and suggestions posed to us by the community since our last balancing patch back in March. We’ve made a number of major changes and even introduced some new mechanics with this update and you can see everything we’ve been working on below!

Balancing Patch [March 2020]

We’ve been hard at work collecting and collating your feedback the past few months and using your insights we have implemented numerous alterations and improvements to the game for the latest Northgard balance patch. Check out what we’ve been up to below!

Northgard Winter Festival

Return to News IT’S THE WINTER FESTIVAL AGAIN!  Permafrost is the default biome during the winter festival.  Villagers can build snowmen.  Giant Trees have winter decoration. Axe Throwers throw snowballs.  Some Deer have red nose.  Bears on Permafrost are white. GENERAL CHANGES Lore Related Changes A LOT of different Lores have been modified to make the game more enjoyable and …

Balancing Patch [June 2019]

Return to News CLANS BALANCING The Clan of the Horse Warchiefs stats modification Their Attack Power is decreased from 13 to 12.  Their Health is decreased from 75 to 70. Excavation Each Warchief mining or earns (+4) +3 and (+6) +5 if you have discovered Metalcraft. The Clan of the Dragon Starting bonuses NEW – When a Dragonkin is recruited, …