Hello Vikings!

Today, we’re releasing a comprehensive balance patch designed primarily around feedback and suggestions posed to us by the community since our last balancing patch back in March. We’ve made a number of major changes and even introduced some new mechanics with this update and you can see everything we’ve been working on below!


Please note that we have introduced a backup system for the game progress save file. As with any new system, there is a risk to lose your progress. Please make a copy of any files starting by "stats_" contained in your "save" folder.



- Call to Arms

Now placed in third  first position.

REMOVED | Converts all civilians in the area into Militia. They can’t go outside of your territory. 

NEW | Call to Arms is a passive ability placed on your Town Hall. Every six months, homeland sends you 2 Militia to help you defend your territory. Militia is a self-sufficient unit that patrols within your territory and attacks any incoming threats. You can have a maximum of 2 Militia in your territory.

NEW | Each kill on allied territory gives +100% Military Experience. 

    - Garrison

    Now placed in first   second position.

    Each Defense Tower adds +1 to your maximum warband (+2 if upgraded).

    REMOVED | Converts all civilians in the area into Militia. They can’t go outside of your territory. 

    NEW | You gain 1 free Tower upgrade each year.

    NEW | You can have a maximum of 4 Militia in your territory.

    BUGFIX | The XP gain bonus of the guardian Path (which used to be on Garrison) no longer gives double XP to players that kill units of a guardian player on his territory.

    - Suppressing Fire

    Now placed in second   third position.

    Human units within an area that contains an allied Defense Tower gain +30% defense.

    REMOVED | You gain 1 free Tower upgrade each year.

    NEW | You can have a maximum of 6 Militia in your territory.


    •  New hotkey on Shift+Left click to add/remove a unit from the selection

    • New hotkey on Ctrl+Left click to select units of the same type within a selection

    • New hotkey on Ctrl+[1-9] to create a new group with the selection (already exist within the game, but never got exposed in the Options)

    • Select cycle is now called “Go next in Unit/Building type” for clarity purposes

    • New toggle to choose rather Icons or Military are displayed by default on the minimap

    • New toggle to choose to display World Info by default or not


      - Data Mods

      Addition of modifiable values ​​in Cdb

      • Tool upgrade, weapon upgrade and relic cost in the forge

      • Wood consumption by units

      • Number of units assignable by default to a building

          - Script Mods

          Restrict "talk" function to valid bannermen

              NEW TILE


              Source of incredible knowledge, this new zone is protected by 3 spectral warriors and can be colonized with Lore only. Increases building, repairing and forging speed by 30%.

                BALANCING & BUG FIXES

                - Silos

                • Cost: 100 80 Wood

                  - Bragaful

                  • Under 500 Commercial Influence: 6 +3

                  • Between 500 and 1000 Commercial Influence: 8  +6

                  • Between 1000 and 1500 Commercial Influence: 10 +9

                  CLANS BALANCING

                  THE CLAN OF THE WOLF

                  - Veiled Threats

                  • Improves your Trade Routes Kröwns income by 75% 50% if you have a Warchief and by 150 130% with the Warchief in the same zone as the Trading Post. You can trade even when at war.

                      THE CLAN OF THE SNAKE

                      - Poison

                      • Decreases target’s attack speed and move speed by 20 35% for 2 seconds.

                      - BUGFIX

                      • Scorched Earth now loots resources on neutral factions.

                          THE CLAN OF THE GOAT

                          - Sheep

                          • NEW | Having at least one Sheep in an area reduces the need for Firewood by 20% during winter for this area. This effect also lasts all year long if the Sheep is in a Sheepfold.

                          - BUGFIX

                          • The former sheep bonus was active all year for all clans and has been corrected.

                          - Food Trade

                          • NEW | Food trade also increases your Trade Routes Kröwns income by 70% on tiles with a natural food source.

                          THE CLAN OF THE DRAGON

                          - Whirlwind

                          • Dragonkin frequently sometimes executes a mighty swirling strike that damages all surrounding enemies.

                          - Buy Thralls

                          • Price increases by +40 +50 krowns each time

                          • Price decreases -2 -4 Krowns each month

                              THE CLAN OF THE BOAR

                              - Starting Bonuses

                              • Learning a new Lore gives 20 Fame instead of 15.

                              - Greater Blessings (requires 500 Fame )

                              • Freya: Winter penalty is massively reduced (70% for Food , 70 50% for Wood ).

                              • NEW | Baldr: +5 Happiness and +2 Lore production

                              • Jörd: Warchief  Your army and upgraded towers get +10% attack

                              - Osmosis

                              • NEW | You obtain 1 Happiness for every 3 colonized zones. Zones with Forests, Swamps, Poisonous Swamps or Fish provide 1 Happiness .

                              - Handiwork

                              • NEW | Handiwork also grants -10% building upkeep costs.

                                THE CLAN OF THE RAVEN

                                - Recruits (requires 200 Fame )

                                • NEW | Sailors also produce +100% fame .


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