Today, we’re releasing a huge (possibly even our biggest yet) balance patch that will bring widespread changes to Northgard and all of the formidable clans that inhabit it! We’ve made a number of massive changes across the board, introducing new ways to approach the game and manage your people as you strive for conquest and you can see the whole list of what’s new below!


Guardian Military Path
The Guardian Military path is still considered to be too weak, and as the vast majority of players usually choose between Tactician and Conqueror, it is being buffed:
Militia behavior
  • Militia is now controllable by player

  • Militia still cannot leave the player’s territory

  • Militia cannot be assigned to any other role

  • The Militia respawn frequency has been increased

  • The maximum of Militia is back to 2 / 4 / 6

Suppressing Fire
  • -50%WatchTowers upkeep

Warband General Changes

The objective here is to give more space to other military units and give more value to warband upgrading:

  • Warrior recruitment cost: 20 krowns  => 30 krowns 

  • Each new military unit increases the next cost by +5 => +6 krowns .

  • The Watch Tower building cost : 60 => 50 woods  , upgrade remains unchanged.

Supply Malus

Values change:

  • -5% attack power  and defense penalty for each zone away from your territory beyond the first.

  • Malus is lowered by 2 for each year passed since the beginning of the game.

Monster Slayer
  • +50 => +30% attack power  versus Mythical Creatures.

  • Dragonkin are Mythical creatures.

Villager Stats
  • Defense  4 => 3


New Neutral Faction: Another Giant Faction
  • The Jotunn neutral faction always appeared a little too binary for us. With these changes, we’re trying to add a bit more depth to the trading with Giants:

  • Players will now have the possibility to trade with two Jotunn Factions: the Skrymir and the Fjolsvin.

  • Each of those factions can be befriended and grant the players a giant hero : Lög & Jafnadr.

  • The Skrymir and the Fjolsvin are rivals: each player can only trade with one of the two factions, and befriending one will lock the possibility to trade with the other.

  • When befriending a faction, you don’t colonize their zone anymore.

  • You can still trade with the befriended faction.

New Hero Giants


The powerful Champion of Jötunnheim's workers, here to help you overthrow the lords who have inherited the land. Seize the means of wool production!


The dreaded Judicator of Jötunnheim, supreme enforcer of the lords' inherited authority and defender of private property. I am the law!

UI Giant Faction Village

When clicking on a Jotunn camp, players will now see the relation progression of every other player.

New Friendship Rules With Neutral

The needed value to befriend neutral factions is scaled on team size: food requirement will be lower in FFA than in team games.


The Clan of the Lynx


Warchief Recruitment Cost
  • Mielikki costs80=>150 krowns


  • Both lynx Move speed-15%


  • Arrows don't cost woodanymore.

  • Trackers now defend themselves in close combat as previously intended.

  • Trackers in close combat no longer profit from special arrows advantages.

  • Trackers 11=> 10attack

Trophies & Mythical beast waves

  • Sacred Ram, Sacred Wolves and Sacred Bears stats have changed.

  • Spectral animals now have the same stats than sacred animals.

  • Sacred Ram:

    • PV37.5/ att5/ def5 / militaryXp5/ HuntTrophy5/ Meat30

  • Sacred Wolf:

    • PV50/ att11/ def2.5 / militaryXp15/ HuntTrophy15/ Meat15

  • Sacred Bear:

    • PV62.5/ att10/ def13/ militaryXp50/ HuntTrophy50/ Meat80

  • Waves increment is changed. Waves come every2=>3months.

  • Sacred wolves and sacred bears don't have special attacks anymore.


  • Placing Gleipnir’s traps in a zone in combat is no longer possible.

  • Traps must have been set before the fight starts, they can then be activated.

  • You can now put 1trap each year.


  • First Bonus:

    • Townhall zone starts with deers. Hunters +10% production.

  • Second bonus:

    • Archery Range give +3max military pop (instead of +2) and Trackers are 10krownscheaper.

  • Third bonus:

    • No change : Oskoreia calls the 2 last waves (not only the last one).

Fame 200 

  • Unlock SacredLure ability for Mielikki. Once placed, it periodically attracts Mythical beasts to the zone, more and more as time passes.

  • Cost feast reduction by 5% (up to 50) for each animal killed.

Fame 500 

  • Mielikki won’t die anymore by casting Oskeria.

  • While casting Oskeria, wave max isn’t reset.

  • Spectral animals last longer.


  • They are now 3 different Hunting Paths.

  • The Hunt Trophy “Path Completed” can be chosen multiple times while one path is complete.

  • Special arrows effects can stack.

  • Trophy costs unlock have changed.

Way of the Cunning

Sharp Eye

  • Brundr & Kaelinn scout and use camouflage.

Nature Takeover

  • Decolonization Speed +10% if Mielikki is in the zone. Same for Brundr and Kaelinn.

Fire Arrows

  • +50% damage on Watchtowers.

  • Target unit has 30% chance to burn.

Way of the Hunter

Caring Siblings

  • Brundr & Kaelinn slowly regenerate when they are together in ally territory.

  • Brundr +30% att  if it is with Kaelinn.

The Great Hunt

  • Get trophies on all Mystical creatures.

  • +20% Attack power  on Mystical Creatures

Wild Hunter

  • Military Units don't suffer supply malus nor winter attack power  penalty

Way of the Nature

Sibling Rivalry

  • Brundr & Kaelinn produce food  in territory.

  • Kaelinn gets +40%
     defense  if it is with Brundr

The Wise One

  • Mielikki produce +3 lore  outside combat in your territory

Double Shot

  • Trackers fire 2 arrows with 30% damage for the second

Path completed

  • Trackers +5% att speed, +5% range, +5% move speed.

  • Can be bought many times.


Spoils of Plenty

  • Your Warchief can put two Standard Lures in a zone to attract Savage Deer that gives +10% food 

  • You can assign 2 Hunters to a Standard Lure.

  • Hunter’s tool is free and 50% forging time.

Archery Mastery (replace Fur Coats)

  • Your first Tracker is always free.

  • Upgrade cost for Archery Range -50%.


  • +15% merchants' production.

  • Hunting trophies can be sold on the Market for krowns 

  • Allows trading routes.

Nimble Paws

  • Lynx Max health  increased by 35%.

  • Dodge 30% of the attacks.

The Wild Hunt

  • +1 Mythical Lure

  • +20% attack  on spirits.

At Mystical Lure, Myelikki can summon up to 3 different Spectral Beasts to defend her. The number of invocable beast depends on Mythical Waves cleared :

  • Wave 1:

    • 1 Spectral Ram for 5 Trophies.

  • Wave 3:

    • +1 Spectral Wolf for 20 Trophies.

  • Wave 6:

    • +1 Spectral Bear for 75 Trophies.

Beasts have a cooldown before being summoned again.

The Clan of the Ox

Starting Bonuses

  • 10  15% attack power  and defense bonus  .

  • Specialized civilian units have a 30  40% production bonus, except Loremasters.

  • +10  +15% Food  consumption


  • +10%  5% attack power  and defense  for each discovered Artifact.

Torfin’s hitbox

  • A bit lowered.

The Clan of the Kraken

Starting Bonuses

  • Added +1 base Wyrd production.

Lore Changes

  • Fresh Fish now replace Colonisation.

  • “Knowledge from Beyond” gives +2 lore  per merchant in the Trading Post while trading a neutral faction.

The Clan of the Dragon

  • Dragonkin recruit cost 50  40 krowns  .

  • Dragonkin Incremental cost +10  15 krowns  .

  • Dragonkin are considered as mythical creatures. They trigger Monster Slayer ability.

  • Their spinning attack triggers more frequently.

The Clan of the Snake

  • Under Pressure 0.5  1 Food  production

  • Skirmisher recruitment cost: 15 krowns  => 20 krowns 

    The Clan of the Boar

    Starting Bonuses

    • The player is allowed to colonize zones containing only neutral wolves or bears, at the exception of wolf caverns. Colonization cost +20% in this situation.

    • Wolves and bears in colonized tiles become non aggressive for Boar clan and allies. They cannot be controlled. They defend the zone if it is attacked.

    Lay of the land

    • Adds: the player can colonize Wolf Caverns if it contains only neutral wolves. This closes the Cavern as usual.


    • While Menders are not healing, they produce 1 lore  and enough food  to feed themselves.

      The Clan of the Bear

      • Kindred Spirit bonus 10%  15%.

        The Clan of the Raven

        Cost of coastal exploration
        • 10  20 Krowns  .
        Fame 200 
        • You can trade with Homeland even if “Coinage” isn’t unlocked.
        • Commercial Influence +20% => +10%
          The Clan of the Stag

          Lore Changes

          • Swap position between Hero emblem and Food  preservation.

          • The Value of Great Deeds: Skalds produce +1  +1.5 krowns  , +1.5  +2 if upgraded.

            The Clan of the Goat

              Relic Changes

              • Gefjun's Jar becomes a generic relic. No more additional Sheepfold. No more sheep can come with new villagers.

              • Eldhrumnir becomes the Goat specific relic. It now allows building an additional Sheepfold.

              Jarl bonus

              • Tower and military units gets +20% => +15% defense  when feasting

              The Clan of the Wolf

              Spoils of War

                • Enemy warriors loot 10  15 krowns  .

                Veiled Threats

                • Trading bonus with the Berserker in the Trading Post zone : +125%  +100%

                The Clan of the Horse

                • Already GREAT.

                GENERAL CHANGES

                Early Game Routine

                Each clan starts with +50 woods  . Woodcutter lodge is no more mandatory to build other buildings (except campaign). A building becomes greyed if no woodcutter lodges, and player will have less than 50 woods  after building it.

                • Brewer, Skalds and Norns produce +25% resources.

                • Upgraded Brewery, Hall of Skalds and Horgr gets +50% => +20% production bonus for Happiness  , Fame  & Wyrd.

                • Brewery, Hall of Skalds and Horgr building cost is now 60 woods  and 10 krowns  . The yearly upkeep cost has been decreased by 30%.

                The value of happiness  now displays the full decimal value.

                Trading Routes Changes

                The amount of resources you can trade with a Trade Route depends on the number of merchants assigned to this Trading Post.

                Trade routes cost more resources.

                • Withmerchant, you can trade 2 Food  , 2 Wood  , 0.1 Stone  , 0.1 Iron  for 1 krowns  .
                • With 2 merchants, you can tradeFood  ,Wood  , 0.2 Stone  , 0.2 Iron  forkrowns  .
                • Withmerchants, you can tradeFood  ,Wood  , 0.3 Stone  , 0.3 Iron  forkrowns  .

                Relationship between players (ally and enemy) no longer exists. Relationships will only impact neutral factions (for trade).


                Increases Sailors’s resource by 20% => 25%.


                It now takes +20% time to unlock the lore  .

                Building Time Changes
                • Brewery, Hall of Skalds, Horgr: 60s => 40s.

                • Forge, Völund's Forge => 40s.

                Neutral Creatures

                Jotunn stats: 100 hp ⇒ 110 hp.

                Notification options

                A new option allows Fame  and Military Path level up to be notified by a simple notification, in a more discreet way than usual.


                Nerf of AI teams in Conquest.

                Villager's Tools

                Increases Villagers’ build and repair speed by 15% => 50%.

                Bear's Hitbox

                They are slightly lowered.

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