New Altar of Kings cost:

  • 300 Woods 

  • 300 Kröwns 

  • 15 Stones  (Instead of 10)

Altar of Kings has been reworked, it now gives:

  • +1 Wood  / +1 Food  / +1 Kröwn  / +1 Lore  for every 200 Fame  - (0-199 Fame  : +0 ; 200-399 Fame  : +1 ; 400-599 Fame  : +2 ; etc) +50 Fame  after building it

  • +1 Happiness 

  • (The Clan of the Snake can no longer build the Altar of Kings.)

Lighthouse & Kraken event:

  • Building a Lighthouse on a Harbor or a Longship Dock prevents it from being attacked by the Kraken Event.

Carved Stone:

  • Cost cuts from 15 Stones  to 10 Stones  .

Brewery price reduction:

  • 80 Woods 

  • 40 Kröwns .


Healers / Menders:

  • Healing Speed  has been improved by +10%.


  • Relics take less time to forge.

Shield Bearers:

  • Attack Power  +5%

  • Defence Power  -5%


  • Wyverns have received a complete cosmetic redesign and are now scarier than ever!

  • AI has been improved: Better resource management, better defense and a bit more aggressive.

  • World Hostility has been increased by +10%.

  • Winter Wood's  consumption now depends on difficulty.

  • Draugr Invasion Event is scaled upon difficulty.

  • Earthquake Events are scaled upon difficulty.

  • World Hostility is always set to High in ranked games.


Guardian, Suppressing Fire:

  • Yearly free Defense Tower upgrade is now stacked if not used.

Conqueror, Veteran fighters:

  • Skirmishers: increased the Decolonisation Speed by +5% each. (Previously for Dragonkins).

  • Dragonmen: Whenever a dragonkin kills an enemy unit, you gain a few Dragon Essence.



  • Damages are halved on military units.

Scabbard of Gram:

  • Deceleration Speed reduced by -5%


  • You can colonize zones with Lore  every 4 months (instead of 6).

New Boar's stolen lore:

  • Osmosis (previously Legacy)



  • Increases Loremaster Production by 40%. First Carved Stone is free.


  • +20% marketplace stock replenishment.


  • FROM: “Permanently increases Population Growth Speed by 25%. This raises to 50% during 6 months if any unit from your clan is killed by an enemy clan or sacrificed.”

  • TO: Permanently increases population growth speed by 25%. You gain an additional 5% during 4 months for each unit from your clan killed by an enemy clan or sacrificed. (Max 75%) “


The Clan of the Ox

City Builder:

  • In improved zones, specialized units get a +10% Production Bonus (instead of 15%) and Buildings upkeep cost is reduced by -50% (instead of -100%). Reduces cost of area’s development by -50%.

Military Pressure (200 Fame  bonus):

  • All non-villager units get a production bonus depending on the number of military units you control.

The True Hero (500 Fame  bonus):

  • Torfin can use provocation: all enemy units and towers target Torfin during a short period and his Defense Power  is increased by +100% for 6 seconds (instead of 10 sec.)


  • Torfin gains +5% Attack Power  and Defense Power  for each discovered Ancestral Equipment. Whenever a unit dies in the same zone as Torfin, his Health  slowly regenerates by 10% of the dead unit’s max Health .

The Clan of the Kraken


  • Happiness  Production +20%

  • Wyrd Production +10%.

Near The Sea Spirit:

  • Generates +1 Kröwn  and +1 wyrd every 3 buildings on coastal zones. (Instead of 4 buildings.)

Foresight Lore moved to replace Medicine.

Howl of the Sea Master (500 Fame  bonus):

  • Military units killed in a neutral or enemy zone have 30% chance to become Spectral Warrior, joining your ranks under your orders. (Max 7 spectral warriors under your control).

The Clan of the Snake


  • -5% Attack Power .

    The Clan of the Dragon


    • -5% Attack Power .

    The Clan of the Boar

    Lay of the Land:

    • The Environment Hostility has been reduced by -70%

    • Increase of the Production by 10% for non-villager units in Forests, Swamps or Fish. (Instead of 10% for all the villagers.)


    • Neutrals will no longer accept the same trading ressources twice. (Except for food for giants)

    Lore Tree:

    • “Osmosis” is moved from “Negotiate” to “Trading Caravan”.

      The Clan of the Raven

      Gear Upgrade:

      • Gives +2% Attack Power  (Instead of 1%) and Defense Power  for each active Sailor or Merchant (20% max instead of 15%).

        The Clan of the Goat

        • Add a new feature on Goat’s Relic: Building Goat’s Relic now allows you to build another Sheepfold.

        New Starting Bonus:

        • The Clan start with one Sheep and can build 2 Sheepfolds.

        • Sheep produce 10% less Food .
        • “Shepherd” Lore and “Spare Tools” (Goat’s 200 Fame  bonus) are reversed.
        The Clan of the Stag

        Hero Emblem:

        • Altar of Kings cost 5 Stones  to build.

          BUG FIXES

          • While kiting with ranged units, the next attack takes a little bit of time to throw a projectile.

          • Wolves can migrate to empty neutral territory.

          • It is no longer possible to assign another sheep to a Sheepfold with the “industrious” Lore.

          • Wyverns fixes: Skin colors change upon their Power / Resolved a difficulty issue on Hard Mode in Cooperation (Conquest)

          • Earthquake can no longer target the Altar of Kings.

          • The steam overlay display has been fixed for macOS Catalina

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